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You know the end of the year is near when Spotify Unwrapped appears. Yes Wednesday this week was awash with everyone sharing their top listens, boasting on their listened minutes and new artist counts. Since you didn’t ask, 520 new artists from 1667 total, 37k minutes listened and Caribou got top artist and 3 songs on the top 5. It feels wrong though – I must have really hammered that record at the beginning of the year as I haven’t listened in 6 months until this week when I revisited as part of lining up my year end album list (coming soon). Gorillaz came second on the artist list. I think they have appeared on the list every year they have done it, winning as many times as Frank Turner (who doesn’t feature this year as he had no new release other than the live album). Some other interesting bits but that may be for another post.

Let me know on IG how your own lists shaped up!

Beyond that it has been a couple of weeks of video games and video game hype and that is reflected in this week’s tracks. Let’s get to it!

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Where We Come From – Lecrae

This is on some of the trailers and all the Let’s Plays and opens up the new game Spiderman Miles Morales. I have got the platinum trophy already on it (which involves two play throughs). It may be short but it is perfectly formed and I recommend both it and it’s parent game from 2018. The soundtrack though is what got me. Gone are the overly cinematic and dramatic orchestral sweeps in favour of toned down approach keeping some of that vibe but interspersing with hip hop beats and more modern flavours. It made swinging round Manhattan more of a pleasure than ever (less irritating).

This track though is the one Miles is listening to as the game opens and it such a chilled vibe.

No Save Point – Run The Jewels

Cyberpunk 2077 launches on Thursday 10th December. No, really, it does. Promise. NO REALLY! It is ACTUALLY happening! RTJ have done their thing and its as good as ever. RTJ exist in the Cyberpunk universe and yet they rap about Keanu Reeves who plays Jonny Silverhand. CDPR have confirmed that Keanu also exists in the universe and happens to look a lot like the character the real life Keanu plays. Got that?

War – Vintage Trouble

One last cover track form Vintage Trouble this week. This time covering the Edwin Starr classic, War – that one of ‘what is it good for?’ fame – to celebrate its 50th anniversary. Potentially good timing for another version. They add their sheen and liek Rocket Man last week it doesn’t feel like a pastiche or dull.

7 O’Clock News / Silent Night – Phoebe Bridgers, Fiona Apple and Matt Berninger

This is an uncomfortable juxtaposition to listen to. Originally by Simon and Garfunkel in reaction to the Vietnam War, it somehow exemplifies how this year has felt (and how Christmas time feels most years for that matter). The beauty and serenity of Silent Night in one ear playing off against a relentless stream of negativity that only grows in volume and demanding attention. An oddity.

This Is My Time – Lecrae

I’m breaking the one track per artist rule because this is just so good and makes a nice bookend of this list. From the moment Peter Parker leaves Miles to it in the game it is affirming and a very cool track. The end title track from Jaden Smith is fine but Lecrae steals the show with this duo of tracks for me.

You can tell the year is winding down and your curator is getting tired, can’t you? I’ll be unveiling all sorts of lists very soon – probably towards the end of the month with a bit of teasing in the run up. For the albums I am literally waiting on The Avalanches before I sit down to do the hard task of ranking them. I will turn my attention to tracks slightly sooner.

Lockdown 2.0 has morphed into 2.5 in the UK. Please keep sensible folks and decide carefully what you do over the Christmas amnesty period – your decision could make it the last Christmas with all those you share it with this year…

On a lighter note, please get in touch over on IG. Let me know about your Spotify results and what has been pleasing your ears recently.

Peace! X