This Week at Musikigai

Happy Thanksgiving to Amerifriends and Bon Chance in Black Friday for getting those deals whether game console, TV or records in RSD BF edition.

Get ready for Spotify unwrapped – I expect weird and wonderful things from mine this year given the launch of this project and the extra usage it has had as a result. Let me know how you get on when it lands – I’ll be posting mine on IG when it lands.

Also coming up is list season. I am purposefully holding off until the Avalanches album comes out as based on the singles it could find itself on the list. However the top 5 or 10 is crowded with high quality tunes already so it should be an interesting one. I can tell you this for free. You won’t see Fiona Apple on my list. However there are some banging records nonetheless.

Let’s get to this weeks songs. 31 weeks into this we may have some new folks so please ‘follow’ the playlists available via the links here to hear the week’s selection first. I talk about the tracks in the posts here on the blog (more or less). I shall do this now…

Spotify links: This Week / Archive

3SEX – Indochine feat. Christine and The Queens

Luxurious, seductive, French electropop? Yea OK! Chris continues to work on achingly cool projects and maintaining a very high average quality for output.

What the Future Holds – Steps

Yes you did read that right. Is it cool? No. Is it bad? No. If a year like 2020 teaches us anything is that nostalgia is a powerful and necessary thing. This track will take you back to the heart of 90’s pop in a way that almost sounds more authentic than their original output. We don’t shy away from anything here, even cheesy pop has it’s place. Hell, I have 2-3 of their CDs on the shelf gathering dust from the 90’s (I was <10 years old!)

I’m still left wondering why? Why do we have a new Steps album? I’m not going to listen to it in full. This is the single and enough to scratch that itch that it, itself created.

Ever Fallen In Love (with someone you shouldn’t’ve)? – Roger Daltrey, The Datsuns, Elton John, Robert Plant, David Gilmour and every other artist of note on planet earth apparently!

An all star cast in tribute to the late John Peel deliver a tour de force of this stone cold classic originally from the Buzzcocks. I came to it via The Datsuns debut record being one of the albums in my work album club this week. (Of all the artists, eh?). Thought is was a great version especially for an alternated vocal affair – which I tend not to like.

Rocket Man – Vintage Trouble

I promised some Vintage Trouble covers of songs last week. This one is of Elton John’s Rocket Man of course. With that bass line straight out of the Pink Floyd playbook (can’t quite place the track like I used to be able to) it’s a comfortable cover that adds a different flavour to the original – neither carbon copy nor huge departure. How one would do it with guitars instead of piano.

Lockdown Blues – Iceage

My lockdown addled brain can’t remember where I came across this in the last week but felt it appropriate to include. Not only because lyrically relevant as the new British tiers look suspiciously like lockdown by another name but the tune doesn’t come across as too generic or gratuitous either. Solid effort!

UK folk please be careful in your arrangements for Christmas, the virus doesn’t know the difference and the consequences will be real. Sorry, had to get that out there. I could rant for paragraphs (quite humorously I may add!) but I won’t. As I always say, please look after yourselves and each other, play by the rules and we will all be raving together again soon.

Come say hi on IG @musikigai. Peace.