This Week at Musikigai

The fact this is being posted on Sunday (and the first time I’ve missed the Friday release in 6 months of running this weekly project) probably indicates that it has been a busy week for this music blogger. Not in any exciting music-related fashion, just my day job kicking off and then some interesting evening engagements which meant time has been thin on the ground, as has listening time so this week is a little thrown together but there is nonetheless some decent tunes to be found.

I’m currently enjoying and exploring the new Matt Berninger solo album Serpentine Prison. If you like The National and fancy some of Matt’s vocal styles in a slightly more paired back fashion – but no less engaging – then this is for you. On the list of albums to explore but as yet, somehow, untouched are the Hot Chip Late Night Tales which was released a few weeks ago but I’ve yet to spin it or put it on on Spotify (want the vinyl listen to be the first!). Also of interest released this week is the Blue Note Re:imagined album – very intriguing and might be worth your time too if Blue Note releases are your bag.

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Bad Times, Good Vibes – Frank Turner and Jon Snodgrass

The trans-Atlantic friends are teaming up again nearly a decade after their first collaboration Buddies. An acquired taste and certainly a side project from my Frank-centric perspective but a cute and fun record that doesn’t take itself seriously and if this single is anything to go by, it seems the sequel will be more of the same. Probably a few more Zoom calls involved this time rather than a couple of nights sleepover.

Say Anything – Nathan Gray feat. Frank Turner

Frank tracks seem to come in multiples (disclosure for those unfamiliar – I’m unashamedly in the Turner fandom, but still try to remain impartial round here, although it will result in more coverage as with some other bands). He is a guest vocalist on this track form Nathan Gray and it’s interesting as one might explain the voice styles to be the other way round with a rougher voice (FT) taking lead and a smoother one (NG) doing the reply on the call and reply. I like the bucking of the trope!

Be A Rebel – New Order

This new New Order song sounds like New Order. Good. It sounds like a track that has always existed. Very 80’s synth pop – as is their style – sounding like Robbie does Pet Shop Boys this time (in a good way). Not much more to say, just a good listen and has been waiting for a slot on my long list for a while.

Get to Steppin’ – Duck Sauce

Duck Sauce released another track this week but this is from earlier in the year. The new one might appear next week, we will see. It is nice to see some of these acts that were about in my early 20s reappear. It’s a nostalgia hit but welcome. …speaking of which…

Driver – Pendulum

It was only a matter of time until this appeared on here. In truth it is two songs released together and kind of need to be heard together (link here to Nothing For Free – format is format!). The pair of tracks show that nothing has changed for the drum and bass rock outfit since their breakup. Driver is a largely instrumental and then Nothing for Free has lyrics. We are back to business as usual and they sound reasonable doing it. I just can’t help feel that the world has moved on.

Musikigai is into Tier 2 lockdown now – not that he was getting out much before – which is extra impetus to encourage everyone to keep wearing a mask, washing your hands and essentially shunning the human race in all ways possible. Certainly no touching! (My misanthropy may be starting to show this week…)

Keep safe, be excellent. See you on Friday.

Albums I haven’t reviewed because life but are recommended:

  • Ultra Mono – IDLES
  • Re-animator – Everything Everything
  • The Universal Want – Doves

and of course very excited for the return of Gorillaz in album form this week…