This Week at Musikigai

I forgot to congratulate Michael Kiwanuka on his well-deserved Mercury Prize win for his eponymous third album Kiwanuka. It was never in doubt that he would win. No doubt it was a strong field this year and there were other albums I would put on more frequently but his album had almost universal appeal while pushing creative boundaries and I can’t argue with the win – I would have voted for it myself!

National Album Day is tomorrow. This is the second year and yes it is a marketing thing for record stores but let’s face it they can do with all the incentives they can to drag in the customers – though God knows they have received enough money from me this year. However, this very blog is a celebration of the album (or it’s meant to be) and any claims to the format being dead are proven categorically wrong on an almost weekly basis. Get some albums on and celebrate your favourite musical tomes!

This post isn’t about albums though, it is about single tracks in an order to fill 20-30 minutes of your Friday seeing what the highlights of the previous week have been. (Albeit it is usually album hype here too). Let’s get to it!

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Siren – Tourist

I only recently discovered Tourist (in the grand scheme of things). his last album snuck onto my year end list last year at the last moment after discovering him. Here we have another track very much based in his signature sound and I’m all here for it.

Californian Soil – London Grammar

Back on form after the relatively upbeat previous single Baby It’s You this simultaneously returns to more downbeat feels but retains far more interest than much of their catalogue to date. I’m cautiously optimistic for this release when it comes next February.

Leaving LA – Tim Minchin

With his first album proper on the way I need to share this shining track from it and from the live show I was privileged enough to be at (and in the front few rows for for the first time at any show!) last year. A great track in its own right it shows off everything great about Minchin – his musical virtuosity, beautiful composition, emotive, insightful and wryly funny lyrics, and idiosyncratic and engaging voice. I love this track.

Jubilee Stomp (Live) – The Big Chris Barber Band

Watching Jools Holland last week, Robert Plant was the guest and chose as one of his tracks this piece. The sheer quality of musicianship on show blew me away in a way that I rarely experience any more. In particular the fluidity of saxophonist but the seemingly effortless playing from all involved and each instrumentalist given a solo to show off but without overdoing it Absolutely brilliant.

I Don’t Mind – Duck Sauce

Nobody mentioned Duck Sauce returned this year with a pair of new tracks in February and another in April. This track has prevented Pendulum from appearing this week. There will almost certainly be another Duck Sauce track next week, let’s see if there is enough overall to keep Pendulum out again.