This Week at Musikigai

Another quiet week around these parts. Much excitement did occur on Wednesday when 6 records from 2 different record stores arrived at once providing lots of lovely tings to look at and listen to while also creating a major storage problem as I’m running out of space for them and we don’t have much room elsewhere due to our sizeable collections of books and other miscellany so… theres a problem brewing soon.

Let’s get straight in to it then. We have a couple of brand new things, a new-to-me thing, an older thing from the list of potentials and a very old thing indeed. Enjoy!

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Baby It’s You – London Grammar

Apparently London Grammar do know what joy is, they just haven’t bothered with it so far. Just as I’d written them off as overly morose and dull as a result they lead their next album campaign with this. I approve. More please.

Levitating – Dua Lipa (feat. Madonna & Missy Elliott)

I’m low-key big into the Dua Lipa record. I don’t listen to it a lot but it is firmly on the go-to for decent pop music alongside Gaga and the like. The release of this remix with its features was a pleasant surprise not to mention a couple of massive seals of approval from veterans in the game.

Is It True (Four Tet Remix) – Tame Impala

The album version of this came to my attention when it was released as a single last week. This week this wonderful remix from Four Tet is released and replaced it on this list.

Brasil – EOB

I threatened in the first edition of Friday Five to post this track in the second but it has slipped and slipped but now in week 17 gets its dues. I’ve wavered on it since then but on re-listening to Earth this week it continues to stand out as something special. I particularly like the shift where the acoustic guitar pluck is picked up and sampled and you can’t tell where live ends and sample begins before it descends into a full dance track.

(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction – The Rolling Stones

This track celebrated it’s 55th birthday yesterday and so of course I had to dig up the time I saw it live on the greatest stage in the world. Such a celebratory moment to close out the set and this post.

It’s unlikely there will be more album reviews next week so I’ll see you back for 5 more tracks next Friday. Not for lack of wanting to but I have to be realistic with my health right now and don’t want to be churning out half baked stuff for the sake of it. Look after yourselves folks, as I do the same. Come say hi on Instagram I’d like to chat with you!