This Week at Musikigai

A busy week in the day job and persistent health issues have meant little Muskigai activity in terms of reviews etc but this weeks releases are super exciting. This is late because I would normally write it on Thursday night ready to publish during the day on Friday, so not interfering with work. However I wanted to wait until today to get those sweet new releases and also I was working late last night so it wasn’t happening and today was busy too.

Anyway HAPPY DISCLOSURE ALBUM THREE DAY!!! I had it arrive by courier today accompanied by the Ecstasy EP and their debut record which is a real favourite of mine but I didn’t own yet. It’s all beautiful but they got me with Settle as the artwork on the vinyl has very convincing sleeve wear designed in. Wiley minxes those Lawrence brothers! Good joke. I like it. In keeping with the artwork proper too, being nostalgic and all with the pic of them as kids.

Other releases this week from Gregory Porter, Kelly Lee Owens, Dua Lipa and Metallica make for some exciting Bank Holiday listening!

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Lavender – Disclosure (feat. Channel Tres)

I very nearly put two Disclosure tracks in the list this week. I’m saving the other for next week (small clue – the remix is better than the album track). I have unashamedly been very excited for this record and I implore you to just go and listen to the whole thing. It has delivered. The album is dense with the signature sounds and signatures of Disclosure while pushing the boundaries a little bit. This is track two. It’s all good though. Full view coming eventually.

Scarlet (War on Drugs Remix) – Rolling Stones feat. Jimmy Page

That is not a set of artists anyone would expect to put together. Scarlet – a Rolling Stones and Jimmy Page (from Led Zeppelin) collaboration – was found in the vault recently and apparently War on Drugs has created a remix – which is better than the original for modern ears. It also has a classic party vibe needed for going into a long weekend!

Dark Side Riddim – Ezra Collective

A special release for Record Store Day tomorrow on purple splatter vinyl this is the sequel or something like that to Samuel L. Riddim, an older (and excellent!) track from the jazz outfit. RSD is bittersweet for me this year. There is stuff I really want but I can’t go out / don’t feel comfortable going out on account of our globe trotting microbial friend so I’ll be in the scrum when things go online. This is on the list but not the highest priority. I’m not telling you whats top of the list because I feel competitive! Enjoy this in the meantime and look up the other track too.

Enter Sandman – Metallica & San Francisco Symphonic Orchestra

The 20 year anniversary sequel of the first time they did this on S&M, S&M2 is out today and there is something potently magical about it. It is well known that the Venn diagram metal fans and classical fans has significant overlap. This project and its predecessor show how that overlap sounds when combined and the scale of the sound produced is magical. It could even open up Metallica to people who wouldn’t even consider them. Apologies for the Spotify embed instead (link to playlist at the top of the post for ease!). You know how Metallica are about releasing their music so this track isn’t on YouTube in a suitable state.

I’m Not In Love – Song Sung

Discovered when going through some LateNightTales records ahead of the announcement of the Hot Chip one on Wednesday. Sorry LNT, you can hide all the comments all you like but its in the meta data of the link you are using to promote it! Anyway, this featured on David Holmes’ contribution to the series. An elongated, new take on the 10cc classic. A special beauty for those mellow, wind down moments.

Enjoy the long weekend my British readers, everyone else stay safe and keep on keeping on. Reviews will return eventually but the break is needed to focus on other matters like my health. Sports Team and Disclosure are foremost on the slate. I will also be trying to pull together my thoughts on the Mercury shortlist ahead of the award later in September.