This Week at Musikigai

It’s been a slower week around these parts. So much so that we missed a review release for the first time in months. I don’t think it’s a secret that this is a one-man-band operation and churning out 2 reviews and this weekly round up each week in addition to having a full-time job is a large commitment. It’s one I love but it does mean that if I suffer a set back, this is going to be impacted. Basically I’ve not been too well and also I realised halfway through writing it that The Streets album is not worthy of coverage here. Go check it out if you like Mike Skinner but I just couldn’t find anything to say about it. So that was the missed review and I don’t have any left in the tank to replace it this time. So… busy weekend ahead for me!

However, while it may be later than usual this week, I refuse to miss a Friday Five as much as I don’t have the energy for it right now. Thanks UC.

Let’s get straight into it, shall we?

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Badala – Songhoy Blues

It’s set to be a hot and sunny weekend around Musikigai HQ way. What better way to end the working week and kick off a couple of days off work than with a healthy thump of rock and roll. We don’t like it dull though so we turn to Songhoy Blues – rock and roll with Malian flare. For a country that officially banned music, they don’t have pump out some great artists!

A Lucid Dream – Fontaines D.C.

So… was it good for you too? See the full review from Monday for my full view on this hotly anticipated record. This was a favourite album track from the good few listens it got over the weekend. If you are a fan, be sure to check out the live show they did on YouTube on Monday.

Pac-Man – Gorillaz (feat. ScHoolboy Q)

The Gorillaz Song Machine project continues at pace. We haven’t covered many recently as we’ve had other things to include and I’ve felt them a little sub par and while I initially felt the same on this one it has grown on my very quickly. I highly recommend listening to the full project including the Machine Bitez excerpts – funny stuff and decent tunes.

AUATC – Bon Iver

How can something so lovely and beautiful and fun sound so phoned in? I’m of the view that the project that Bon Iver now is may be overly diluted and isn’t taking as many risks or making as many statements as previously. Season 5 is sounding like i,i cut offs but they are still good. I hope it hots up though.

Into the Surf (Hot Since 82 Remix) – Foals

Foals are in the process of releasing 3 career spanning remix albums each well over double album length. Remixes to get strung out though I guess. While I had listened to the first one, I hadn’t nailed any favourite tracks yet. During a JQBX session with friends last Friday a mate put this one on and it is frankly brilliant. So chill, but hype and cool. A chill/dance note to go out on this week.

There is no plan for this week. I will see what I can listen to, write up and deliver. I do have a longer editorial piece in the works inspired by Daniel Ek’s utterly ridiculous mis-understanding of is industry that looks at the place of streaming in the music ecosystem and how it could be revised to be a little more equitable than it currently is. Though maybe I should write something directly addressing his stupid comments… We will see.

Have a good week folks. Stay safe, stay cool, keep healthy and DFTBA.