Witty lyrics, a sound that makes me nostalgic for my teens (tough to do) and a wonderful surprise. This is the new album from @divediveband – the band that most of the @_sleepingsouls were in before @frankturner stole them, with Jamie Stuart up front.

Given their full time jobs with Frank I’m not holding my breath for live shows but this album is a great listen if you need that punky, indie, guitar album vibe that was in vogue 10 years ago but still sounds fresh today.

I seem to remember a gig back in 2009 At Newcastle Union where they were supporting Frank alongside Beans on Toast; then backed Frank himself. Must have been a long night for them in those pre-Sleeping Souls days

Highlights for me on this album include Lion Weight and Half Time Cabaret (mainly for the Harrison Ford lyric!) but each track has a great riff and flow to it. It’s a joy to hear this sound again amongst the many directions current music is taking these days which doesn’t seem to be this one anymore.

Still reading? Get ready for more guitar / rock / punk albums this week. I’ve a lot more to share!

Album of the Day 4 August 2019

(Originally published on Instagram 4 August 2019)