This Week at Musikigai

I took a long weekend after the shenanigans that led to two late posts and a bit of burn out and I’ve had too engage a little self care and down time in the days since but bouncing back just as strong. We all have dips and need time out and it’s important to acknowledge and actually give yourself that time. My main vice at the moment is my phone but a good book and some decent youtube content can keep me from the doom scrolling. Make sure you’re not heading for burn out. Easter isn’t far away but its a long way if you haven’t had a break since Easter.

Musically speaking I’m still listening to Arlo Parks and her episode on Jools Holland was a lovely way to spend 45 minutes on Sunday afternoon catching up – I recommend it. Mogwai is now on my agenda to dig deeper – see album of the week – after listening to this record. I think some instrumental rock and post rock is just what I need right now. That’s about it isn’t it? Nothing else big happened this week. No legendary acts breaking up for no apparent reason… I’m still processing the Daft Punk news this week. A bit of a shock seeing as everyone just accepts they do their own thing but maybe they are creatively spent on that project and want the phone to stop ringing. Who knows? It is a shame and my long lasting wish to see them live will now have to include a reunion tour called One More Time. If I gather enough interesting thoughts there may be an editorial in the works but you all know how this works by now, it’ll come if it comes!

Very exciting this week to have the return of Wolf Alice. I have tried not to fan-boy but failed so enjoy that. No prizes for what will be album of the week on 11 June – just saying. Sometimes passion over-rides objectivity but I will always be up front about that when it happens. Lots more to enjoy below, links are here, let’s get to it!

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As The Love Continues – Mogwai

Mogwai are one of those acts that on paper should be in high rotation for me given a certain set of preferred artists I hold dear but for some reason they have always eluded me. Still not 100% sold but intend to put the time in. This is a grandiose post-rock journey big in sound, big in stature and a lot to get lost in. I’ve listened twice and still can’t comprehend it all.

The Last Man On Earth – Wolf Alice

Full disclosure: I’m a massive Wolf Alice fan. They are up therewith Frank Turner, Bonobo and a few others as very close to my heart and always going to get coverage here and I won’t apologise for it (but will preface). Regardless of my predilections towards the band, this track is truly beautiful. It is perfectly constructed, using a lot of songwriting tropes but not leaning on any of them hard enough to undermine. As usual they subvert your expectations, elevating their craft in every carefully considered barre and passage. The lyrics are emotional, the music delicate or bold in all the right places. They bring that darker atmosphere they have carried throughout their career but give it such life and vibrancy.

I’m going to stop typing about it now as I’m sure there will be plenty more inches from me in the run up to this record. I’m so ****ing excited about it and it is due to land at around the exact time the Covid-19 debacle should be over and done with in the UK if all goes to plan. So that light at the end of the tunnel of the park with friends and the album on the portable speaker as we hug, drink and start living again will keep my head up through the next few months. Album Blue Weekend coming 11 June. Put it in your diary!

Highway – St Panther

Well this is one of the most fun tracks I’ve heard in a while. It’s one of those that could irritate or not land with people but for me this is a wonderfully funky hip hop side-eye that will fit well on that summer playlist when it comes along.

Finale – KASSEO

Well, KASSEO, your self promotion on Reddit last month has paid off! Finally posting this, it has been waiting a little while. Promoted by the artists as “if you like Flume” you’ll like my stuff so that got my attention and yes, it sounds a little like Flume in places but is also its own thing. This is the best of the bunch for me. Hits that same vibe as Flume so if you also like Flume, I think you’ll enjoy this!

Low – Chet Faker

Very much a similar vibe to the track I posted from Chet Faker last week. I do still wonder about the whole “I’m not Chet Faker anymore” thing. Pleased Murphy has re-embraced his moniker. Funky, bassy, and playing with sonics and construction creates this fun track. Just good feels.

Ceiling Granny – Mogwai

I’ve essentially picked a track at random from the album to show what type of thing you can be in for. This is a more rock focussed track among the mostly more atmospheric but still as dense tracks. On re-listening for writing this, it sounds a little like Wolf Alice when they kick up into full rock mode on tracks like Lisbon or Fluffy but with a little more noise around the riffs. Just a resemblance.

And on that fine dovetail loop we reach the end of another Friday Five. I hope you’ve been enjoying the tracks over the last few weeks. Posts seem to have been getting more attention on IG but that could just be temporary and self promotional. Let me know your thoughts through whichever channel you find convenient – I’m on all the major socials except Tik Tok so hmu yo!

Catch you next time!