This Week at Musikigai

What a a hectic week. I’m posting two posts today to catch up on Friday Five. My mantra for ‘never miss a Friday’ has been missed not once but twice but life will take over sometimes (in this case work kicking off and a bit of insomnia) so we just get back on the road with a catch up edition. Who doesn’t want double music? Let’s have double music! (Both posts posted as normal so go and find 12 February for the other part)

The goings on have meant I haven’t spent much time with music recently in terms of discovery so it is a mixed bag this week but still worth checking it all out. And if this isn’t to your taste this week then the last few weeks have been pretty strong so go back and take a look or you can find the entire last yers worth of Friday Five via the links below.

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An Overview On Phenomenal Nature – Cassandra Jenkins

We featured the magnificent and beautiful Hard Drive form this album a couple of weeks ago and the album has now come out and is a wonderful space to be. The same chilled and reflective vibe with poetic observation and story telling to go with it. This album will be overlooked by the mainstream (I would imagine) and it is not normally the type of thing I would go for either but this one has captivated me and I look forward to spending more time with it.

Echoing – Kings of Leon

Sometimes the familiar is just what you need. I have often railed against Kings of Leon for releasing too much music, too quickly and as predicted this started to deteriorate the quality as per the last couple of records. This seems to be a quiet, understated return to what they used to do best. Is it ground breaking, or even interesting? No, not really. However is it a call back to their golden era, pulling on both the first two records and the second pair of records and not in a way that makes you just want to listen to those instead (although I now totally do want to revisit them!). While most will deride it as just another Kings of Leon track, that is exactly what it is and is exactly what I didn’t know I needed this week.

Hurt – Arlo Parks

She’s getting about on the tv and all the big media coverage just now and so she should. This is just another track from the brilliant debut form Arlo Parks. Album of the week a few weeks ago it is a completely unmissable record. If Cassandra Jenkins isn’t your vibe this week, go back to this instead.

O.N.E. – King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard

For someone who hates typing their name and can never remember if its lizard wizard or wizard lizard even after looking I don’t half give these guys a lot of coverage. They don’t even end up in high rotation – mostly because if they did I woul dnever listen to anything else. Such is the rate of output there is always a new track along to never need to spend time with their records at any length. This is another track in their classic style and mostly caught my attention for the name which I thought could end up being a cover of the Yeasayer classic. Sadly it isn’t. It’s still good though. Maybe a Record Store Day release of a double sided 12″? Please? Only King Gizz could cover Yeasayer effectively and we want to hear it!

His Rope – Burial, Four Tet and Thom Yorke

If that combination of names didn’t get you really excited when this released last year I’m not sure where you have been. The result is something simultaneously idiosyncratically belonging to all three artists discography but particularly Thom Yorke and Burial so if you are in the mood for exactly what you think that sounds like, here is the track for you.

Look at the Sky – Porter Robinson

Sometimes you are late to the party with an artist but glad you showed up anyway. I discovered Porter Robinson thanks to his last record duking it out with Daft Punk and Jamie xx for top honours on an electronic album of the year on either r/EDM or r/electonicmusic on Reddit late last year. I recognised a couple of tracks but really enjoyed the album too so was happy to find he is gearing up for the next album right now. Very him and very enjoyable. A pick me up after the last track too!

Sorry for the delay and the lumpy service this last couple of weeks. I do my best but life, ya know. I hope you are enjoying the recommendations. Please let me know whats got you excited in the comments on here or on Instagram, whichever is most convenient for you. Keep safe, be blessed, musikigai out.