This Week at Musikigai

Another week goes by and everything and nothing happens. A vaccination for your curator last weekend went with only the minor hitch of my phone dying on the way there and so getting mildly lost. Already needing two charges a day when at home I was straight online to take the plunge on a new phone (arriving next week). Well it has been 6 years, so that’s pretty good going. Who knows, my Instgame might improve. Fat chance.

Arlo Parks’ album has been in high rotation and will continue to be. It really is a gem. I hope you have also been enjoying it. Lets get to a new album for the following week and out selection of tracks.

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Foo Fighters – Medicine at Midnight

Dave and co return with their tenth long play record and are attempting to create a dance record apparently. Let’s see how that works out.

Middle Child – Nervous Dater

A wonderful track about the lead singer coming to terms with being non-binary that is filled with relatable lyrics for anyone who has struggled with mental health issues or anxiety in general. All set to a grungy guitar-pop backing. This has been in heavy rotation this week.

Hard Drive – Cassandra Jenkins

Got to thank a friend for this one. Sci fi idea providing a way of dealing with the pressures of daily life. A laid back vibe track that really soothes especially in more reflective moments. The spoken word and sung parts interchanging with one another. This is a sound I like enormously and will be exploring her album a little more very soon.

Blue Monday – Dub Pistols & Dubmatix

So there I was, reading Neuromancer, and without spoiling anything, there is a section where dub music is playing and I thought I could do with a couple of quality dub tracks right about now. Then this cover of Blue Monday turns up and scratches that itch. It is also the cover version you didn’t know you needed but now can’t live without. Dub Pistols continue to be a chronically under-rated band for me. A festival must for me when we get back to the fields.

Too Good – Arlo Parks

Last week’s album of the week has elicited plenty of singles in the run up. This is an album track and one of many songs on the album that just make me feel good. It has to be a contender for the Mercury Prize this year and an early entry for the upper echelons of end of year lists. Great album from a wonderful artist.

A Hero’s Death (Soulwax Remix) – Fontaines D.C.

Another one to thank a friend for. It’s been waiting in the pile of tracks for a couple of weeks but finds its way out this week. I haven’t gone back to FDCs album as much as I thought I would last year but this track breathes new life into it. Soulwax are always great and here they turn the title track into a party.

Take care out there folks. Wear a mask, get your jabs, eat your greens, be careful with crypto and GME and I’ll see you next week. DOGECOIN TO THE MOOOOOOOONNNNN…..