This Week at Musikigai

It was the closest I have ever come to enjoying r/wallstreetbets but ‘sweet tendies’ still eludes me. Hilarious memes and chaotic justice abound this week as the people take on the hedge funds and they don’t know how to respond other than exposing how rigged the game really is. This has nothing to do with music, it was just the only entertaining thing to happen this week. That and an invite for your curator here to get his first vaccine as a UK Group 4 member, not an older person.

In terms of music stuff though the only thing of note is the emergence of professional-quality footage and audio of the Chicago leg of Daft Punk’s Alive 2007 tour. Complete with Thomas Bangalter talking to crew and Guy-Man as they get the show going it is a wonderful document of the event. Assuming it is still live when you read this you can watch the full show on YouTube here.

Let’s get to this week’s tunes. First up, the new for 2021 feature, my album of the week and then our regular five tracks I think you need to hear. Enjoy!

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Arlo Parks – Collapsed in Sunbeams

One of my most anticipated albums for the early part of the year, this promises relaxed vibes with modern insightful lyrics. Don’t pass this one by, it’s going to be a sleeper hit this year.

Apricots – Bicep

Didn’t realise this was a single and has been out for 3 months until I was writing this sentence. On a cold listen to the album where all I has heard prior was Atlas, this stood out as a clear highlight. A fantastic record following up their great debut. Assuming they have a great live show, the sky is the limit for these guys.

Lo Vas A Olvidar – Billie Eilish & ROSALÍA

Billie is back, teaming up with ROSALÍA for this beautifully absorbing and atmospheric track. Very stripped back and simplistic in many ways but impactful all the same.

Over You – Aaron Frazer

I said last week that I was between two records from Mr Frazer to feature, so here is the other one. The full record is a pleasant enough listen if you like the pop-soul stylings presented on the two tracks shown here. It’s the kind of Sam Smith-esque style that could be clawing but is carried out very effectively on this debut.

Waterfalls – Death Cab For Cutie

Released on a covers EP of artists from the state of Georgia to raise funds for the Democratic nominees in the Senate run-off and now released on streaming services, this version of the TLC classic is a wonderful thing.

It’s a Sin – Years and Years

I may regret this as the backlog of tracks for this feature is growing already and I’m going to end up in the same pickle I did last year of never getting to some tracks in favour of others that turn up each week. I can see a Bonus Five in the near future.

Anyway, I’m including this here because Channel 4 here in the UK have been torturing me with the Pet Shop Boys version on the advert for Russell T Davis’ new show It’s a Sin. Don’t get me wrong, the track is great but I think it was the only advert they played for a month (and it’s still going!).

Airing each Friday at 9pm or boxset on demand it is a wonderful telling of the AIDS crisis by following a group of 20-something friends in London throughout the 80’s as the disease arrived and spread. It has some unsettling moments and attitudes being repeated right now with Covid at times. The pseudo ‘lead’ of the ensemble cast is played by the lead singer of Years and Years and here he is covering the title song.

Go watch it, it’s utterly brilliant. Do not watch it with your parents though. You’ve been warned.

Got some great tracks lined up for next week already and no doubt they will be bumped in favour of more awesome stuff through the week. It’s great to be back up and running properly. I hope you are enjoying the tunes and recommendations. Let me know your thoughts in the comments or reaching out on Instagram @musikigai.

Keep safe, wear a damn mask and catch you next week.