This Week at Musikigai

Here we go again folks! Same rubbish, different year but some new tasty tunes to soundtrack it all. Christmas and New Year was a welcome break for your curator filled with fine dining, moderate drinking and late nights filled with movies and video games. The lack of travelling around the country due to our microbial friends was a welcome change of pace from the normal freneticism. Once back in work it took a full week and a half to crush my spirit again so we all back to business as usual. Which means our weekly toe dip returns. Who knew I would have enough tracks so early in the year!? (could even have restarted last week). Let’s get to it. Links below.

(Retrofitted) ALBUM OF THE WEEK: Viagra Boys – Welfare Jazz

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No Son of Mine – Foo Fighters

Let’s kick the year off with guitars, shall we? They claim to be writing dance music and I guess this is sort of dance-y in a very Foos way. Sounding almost Metallica-esque it may not be their best but its a solid track for these quieter January days.

Chemz – Burial

A new track from the elusive Burial. off the back of releases with Thom Yorke of Radiohead and Four Tet this 12 minute sprawler is a lovely place to get lost in for a while mixing fresh beats with samples including from house-favourite Wolf Alice (hoping for a new one from them this year!)

I Feel Alive – Viagra Boys

From their hugely enjoyable second album Welfare Jazz released last week, this is a track that stood out to me but the whole record is so varied I highly encourage you to go and listen to the whole thing. A new band to me I’m also enjoying their debut. Great album to start the new music off with this year (likely to give it a purchase later on. I do love an early entry champion!

The Bandit – Kings of Leon

There I was wondering how they had stayed quiet for so long given there was a decade where they were always everywhere (and I’m still recovering) and suddenly two new tracks from their forthcoming record appear at once. Sounding very ‘them’ in a good way, if you want KOL music, here is some KOL music.

Lilac – Porridge Radio

I mentioned Wolf Alice earlier and Porridge Radio are certainly their proteges in some ways. This track I was convinced was actually from Wolf Alice’s second album! It’s a heavy compliment though. I didn’t spend as much time with Every Bad (their debut record) as I maybe should have last year, hence it didn’t rank too highly on the year end. I’m sure I will over time and I’m looking forward to seeing them live at some point in the future. I love this track and the album is worth a listen too. Can’t believe this hasn’t featured already!

So there we have it, we are off and running. 5 fresh tracks for your enjoyment or consternation. Let me know what you like or don’t like in the comments on here or over on Instagram, I’d love to hear from you. If you like what goes on here, why not share with a friend.

I will be picking up album review style coverage again in the future at some point. As I have explained before though with a day job, a chronic illness and the additional pressures of a pandemic, mustering the energy to get through them is a little tough. Much easier just to listen. The list is there though and I’ll find the rhythm again. The one thing you can rely on though is for Friday Five to be here each week for your enjoyment.

All Is Love. DFTBA. Be excellent to each other. Don’t watch the news, it’s bad for your health. Peace!