This week at Musikigai was a rough week medically but a great week technology-y. PS5 arrived in good time and order and has been phenomenal. Your musical curator here got the platinum trophy on Astro’s Playroom (the tech demo platform game for the new Dualsense controller) within hours of it’s arrival and is now enjoying Miles Morales – a much more refined and slick edition from the same stock as the 2018 Spiderman game. Anyway, I may have got sidelined but I promised I wouldn’t forget so here is the 5 for this week (I’ll blame the hospital appointment today for it’s lateness.

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6000 Ft. – Bonobo and Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs

The A-side featured here a few weeks ago as the first release from Bonobo’s imprint label Outlier was announced. this is the B-side and beautiful it is too. More Bonobo flavoured than it’s bedfellow.

Pelvis Pusher – Vintage Trouble

I discovered this week that not only have Vintage Trouble been busy in the years I’ve not been paying attention but that album three is on the way. This track captures the energy I love them for. They have some covers out too at the moment but I’ll keep these for a future week as they are THAT good. This track though sees them reignite that raw rock and roll energy from debut single Blues Hand Me Down. I can’t wait for live music to return – these guys are a MUST!

Glowing in the Dark – Django Django

Also on their way back for another LP are Django Django. Leading with this bouncy electro jangle that would have been at home 15 years ago and is no less fresh today. I’d completely forgotten about this band… time to dig out the old records.

The Album of the Day – Beans on Toast

An adorable story of days spent educating his daughter in all the albums one has to hear in life. A lovely track all round. 2 new albums from Beans coming in a couple of weeks.

Run Like Hell (Delicate Sound of Thunder Remix / Remaster 2020) – Pink Floyd

One of the covers from Vintage Trouble has a Pink Floyd flavour to it but here is the real deal. I’ve not got to listening to the full record yet (it was released today) but if early comparisons of leading tracks is anything to go by then it should be a special listen with new life infused in the legendary album and live set from the masters.

To those who got Playstations and X Boxes over the last fortnight, be gracious in victory and supportive of those less successful. To those less successful, be patient my friends, you will get one eventually. It’s tough times all round. We are waiting for you to join us in your game of choice.

More broadly, it is looking more and more like a lockdown Christmas but if Muslims could handle Eid in UK lockdown 1 and Hindus, Sikhs and Jains could do the same for Diwali last week (belated happy Diwali folks!) then the rest of the secular (oh come on, who you kidding?) can do the same. We will all meet again when it is safe and it will be spectacular.

In the meantime, keep calm, keep safe, keep the tunes rolling and let me know what you have been listening to during this second lockdown in the comments on Insta. Love y’all!