Congratulations America! Since I wrote last week it is confirmed that Joe Biden will be the next President of the United States and the world, my homeland of Britain included sighs in relief while you party.

To more musical matters the Fatboy Slim Back to Mine compilation has been in high rotation for me this week but not much music listening happened due to the excitement of new consoles releasing. Less than a week to wait for us now. Fear not though we have 5 great tracks today and I will not get to too distracted with the the new Playstation to leave you stranded… no I won’t, no I won’t, no I won’t. Let’s get to tis weeks gems

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Shame Shame – Foo Fighters

Alongside the most adorable 2020 timeline that is Dave Grohl and Nadi Bushell becoming a future supergroup, the Foo Fighters are gearing up for their next album and have opened with this great little thing. A bit different to their usual faire but really refreshing, enjoyable and familiar all the same.

Kyoto (Copycat Killer Version) – Phoebe Bridgers

If you see this before the day is out (I’ve not given you much time – sorry) Bridgers has released a cover of Iris by The Goo Goo Dolls to support the campaign for the Senate runoffs in Georgia following the Biden victory in the presidential race. It’s available today only over on her Bandcamp on Pay What You Want basis. I’m sure it’ll appear on YouTube shortly anyway. Go seek!

This is not that. This is the first release from a Rough Trade exclusive 4 track EP of string and vocal versions of her more upbeat tracks from Punisher. Blissful and pretty it is a lovely version of an already cracking track. Great to see a little more from one of my albums of the year.

Stand on the Word – The Joubert Singers

No story here except its a great little mover that happened to be on the radio this morning. Rather than inundate with tracks from the Back to Mine release by Fatboy Slim I thought I’d put this here instead. (There will be plenty from that compilation over the coming weeks – there are so many great tracks!)

Flesh and Bones – Whilk and Misky

I discovered Whilk and Misky around the same time as Honne, just before the latter took off and the former remained in obscurity. I dragged friends to see them in a small tent in the Dance Village at Glastonbury and they were a let down – so much so that we left. I still believe this pairing have huge potential to be a great act and this track reinforces that.

The Absence of You – Tim Minchin

The ‘sorry I strayed’ track from the forthcoming album proper from the Australian entertainment-polymath. A beautiful and big affair reinforcing his dedication to his life long partner. Looking forward to the full record.

It’s coming up to album of the year season. I’ve drawn up my long list of contenders. 40 of them on there and will whittle them down to an arbitrary number and post about them in the coming weeks. Thanks to anyone who has read anything on this site. Do let me know what you enjoy from this hobby horse of mine over on IG.

To all and all you know, stay safe, be excellent to one another, be kind to yourself and keep listening to things that make you feel good.

Until next week.