This Week at Musikigai

At time of writing Biden is truly lined up for the win and watching Trump’s incredible narcissism implode on itself is truly one of the most entertaining things of the year.

Musically though I have managed to order a 5 vinyl order from my favourite online record store for all to be unavailable. Even used store credit for it. It’s like the worst skill one can have – finding the things they don’t have even when it says they do.

Today the Back To Mine series reboot continues its stellar line up with Fatboy Slim. His Late Night Tales is one of my all-time favourites of that series that sprung up when Back to Mine stopped back in 2009. This compilation from the Selector General matches prior prowess and there is accidentally a track from it in this week’s list of tracks.

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they told us it was hard, but they were wrong – Ela Minus

Complete with lower case titles, Ela Minus cut from a Billie Eilish cloth but takes the stye down a more techno route. It’s great to see an artist so clearly influenced take it down a distinctive enough path. More on the album too.

Interstellar Love – The Avalanches (feat Leon Bridges)

Yet another track from The Avalanches graces this list. Suffice to say your intrepid guide is excited for this album and it is now only a month away. There is a lovely laidback vibe running through every track that I am very on board with. Each track also has something uniquely interesting and refreshing about it and this is no different

The Voice of Experience – Yum Yum Head Food & Fatboy Slim

Another chill track in this micro-playlist following form those relaxed vibes from the Avalanches. What a band name! This is the track I somehow didn’t realise was on a new Fatboy Slim Back to Mine compilation in spite of him being on the track and the title of album being right there in the album art. Anyway, it is not reflective of the rest of the compilation but I can say it is towards the end and sends you off relaxed after the post-party playlist that precedes it.

To The Moon and Back – Fever Ray

From the inspiration for Late Night Tales to the latest release from it. I promised more from it and there may be yet more in future weeks (we will see). This is another track that catches my attention on each listen. It’s a charming electro pop track which makes me think of Japan for some reason even though Fever Ray is Swedish, and then the lyrics come in and, well… they lead somewhere.

With Love To an Ex – Gorillaz feat. Moonchild Sanelly

I’m including this track as it piqued my interest on the first listen to the exceptional album which has had enough coverage round these parts. As time goes on I fall in and out of favour with it with each listen but I think it is doing something a bit different and interesting.

If I have any American readers, take a leaf from Britain: keep calm and carry on. It will end and then the healing can hopefully start. It’s been a thrilling week but I do worry for people’s safety and health amongst all of it.

To British readers, welcome to lockdown two: weary boogaloo roll. Stay safe, wear a mask – indoors and out, and wash your hands religiously.

Catch you next week.