This Week at Musikigai

Less fraught but still busy week in my day job. I put in a large vinyl order though as I had a sizeable voucher to use so hopefully on the way soon I complete by 2010 fave trio by adding Kanye West’s My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy to Arcade Fire’s The Surburbs and Gorillaz Plastic Beach. Also acquired this year through lockdown were 2010 gems like Caribou’s Odessa and The National’s High Violet on 10 year anniversary editions and I am now trying to convince myself not to get the Bonobo Black Sands 10 year anniversary on double red vinyl (I already have a copy… we will see though).

Oh and sods law they get the Tourist – Wild release in I ordered months ago a week after I cancel it. May have to reinstate that one. I’m also exploring possibly my first Discogs purchase of Doves the Universal on red vinyl. After a while of no purchases its all kicking off again. Must remember PS5 and Chistmas are on the way though!

Let’s get to this week’s tracks then. We’ve got a great set!

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The Valley of the Pagans – Gorillaz feat Beck

I genuinely thought last week would be the last track from Gorillaz I posted this year but to be honest the latest album is just that great on a track by track basis and as a whole that I’m not making any promises yet but it gets top billing this week with this funky and fun number that sounds so classic Gorillaz and brand new at the same time. It really underlines the quality of this project. Please do go check out the album. …who knows, I may get my review fingers out again soon…

Straight to the Morning – Hot Chip feat. Jarvis Cocker

Hot off the heels of their incredible offering in the Late Night Tales series Hot Chip came out of nowhere to release this Jarvis Cocker collab – and it is a fabulous thing! It would be very quick for another Hot Chip album but if theres one coming there’s no complaints from here.

Hey Moloko – Mike Salta

Talking about the Hot Chip Late Night Tales there are loads of wonderful gems on there and some more are likley to appear over the next few months as the nights have drawn in and the music river tends to slow this time of year. This is a stunningly beautiful and chill track reminiscent of Ibiza / white isle by day chill vibes like Zero 7 and 808 State.

Summer Madness – Khruangbin (Kool and the Gang cover)

From one Late Night Tales to another. Hot Chip has only just arrived and they go and announce Night Time Tales stalwarts and cult fan favourites Khruangbin will be curating the next one. I proudly nabbed the very last white vinyl set (original run of 500 for each LNT available only from the label – I’ve got a few of them now) but missed out on the bundle that came with an orange 7″ of this stunning cover of the Kool and the Gang classic. I love the original (and the Will Smith track using it as a sample) but this offers another level of chill in that idiosyncratic Khruangbin way. If it’s an indication of the compilation, next month can’t come soon enough!

The Village Disco – Beans on Toast

From the forthcoming Frank Turner produced album by Beans on Toast (he is releasing two this year – on his birthday as always) this is a nostalgic, up beat track delivered in the way only Beans can.

Hopefully an enjoyable mix of up beat and chill tracks this week. I think it is one of the better collections and sure to put you in a good mood if you need a lift.

More tracks and music related antic story telling next week. Let me know which of these tracks is your favourite and which you don’t care for over on Instagram.

As the virus continues its rampage across the UK, please stay safe everyone. Be nice to everyone and to yourself, and make the most of the daylight now the nights are getting substantially longer and setting in earlier. DFTBA!