This Week at Musikigai

This week has gone on forever. Not much to report overall. I’ve ben listening to the new Idles record a lot and if you haven’t heard it yet I highly recommend it. (Yes it’s on the list). Let’s get straight into this week’s tunes. There are some bangers this week!

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Lifetime – Romy


Oh, you want me to write more? Romy teased this on Instagram at the beginning of the lockdown and I’ve been waiting with baited breath for most of the 6 months since for this to appear. I am so ready for her solo project especially since she announced it to be 90’s/00’s dance influenced. there was a time when a Romy solo record could have spelt out something akin to London Grammar. Thankfully not. With production help from Jamie xx of course it’s gold.

The Pink Phantom – Gorillaz feat. Elton John and 6LACK

Another edition of Song Machine and possibly the last before the album drops later this month. This time Elton John of all people joins them and it really works. This project has produced some of their best work and if this truly is ‘Season One’ I’m looking forward to the future of the band’s output as the time taken to create seems to improve the quality.

Ne Touche Pas Moi – IDLES

Cue outrage when band’s new album doesn’t match career defining heights of previous record. Cue yet more outrage when direct messaging conflicts with listeners personal world view because they are a bit of a dick really. Cur yet more when another band tries to make out that the band are virtue signalling, insincere arseholes. That last one (search Fat White Family for more) was funny as the reaction on social media was swift to their own nether regions – my favourite was: “Be angry about something more interesting”.

It seems the nice guys get shat on no matter whether it is musically their best outing and there is only so long you can sustain that style of lyric. They will need to change lyrical tack for LP4 but this album is great and this particular track is the most contentious for some sensitive cock-wombles who seem to think that feeling up people in a gig pit is acceptable behaviour. I can see how someone shouting “Consent” again and again could grate but it isn’t exactly out of place on the track or in their broader style. I think it’s great, I think the album is ace. Go forth and enjoy!

Airport Piano – Tim Minchin

When Tim Minchin started releasing the odd track from his show last year I thought that was all it was but it turns out he has been working on a studio album proper for the first time in his career. Well let’s be honest its about the only thing left for him after the stand up, rick shows, tv writing, musical creation, theatre acting etc. etc. etc. The disgustingly talented wonderful human that he is! I will feature at least one more track in future weeks. This is the only one so far to have both his sensitive songwriting paired with his trademark snark so far.

Take Care In Your Dreaming – The Avalanches feat. Denzel Curry, Tricky and Sampa the Great

Yet another track from the forthcoming Avalanches album makes its way into this weekly list. I’m very excited to hear the thing in full (especially as we have now heard over half already!).

All is love my friends. DFTBA and see you next week.