This Week at Musikigai

Happy IDLES release day readers! This week at Musikigai the Idles album arrived early (as my IG followers will know – hint hint) and as I write this the night before you read it, I can confirm it’s another banger.

It’s been a rough couple of weeks for Musikigai personally. Health issues that have been mentioned recently have ratcheted up and also had a potential, but avoided, brush with redundancy from my actual day job so suffice to say my mind and energy have been focussed or distracted elsewhere. Last week was still published but didn’t make it to Instagram for a week so in case you missed it, it’s here.

Lots of exciting music coming out though with a new track from Bonobo with Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs (TEED), Fleet Foxes dropped their new album at 24 hours notice at 13:31 BST on Wednesday and while I’ve not got into them before it’s a really lovely listen – especially when we are facing the beginning of Autumn and another 6 months of Covid lifestyle.

Links to playlists below. Let’s get into it.

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Heartbreak – Bonobo & Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs

SIMON GREEN IS BACK! So is TEED! This is a new sound for Bonobo and if this is indicative of his headspace for the next long player project then I could get on board. Don’t get me wrong the world music chilled electronica of his brand is a real favourite and his live show is already a phenomenally transcendent party but something like this would bring extra fire-power to what is already one of the best shows around and on record would provide an intriguing detour.

Serpentine Prison – Matt Berninger

When I heard Berninger was to do a solo album I was dubious. I think he is a fantastic frontman for the National but a full album focussed on him might have ben trying. Nope. It’s even more compelling. Looking forward to the album next month.

Can I Believe You – Fleet Foxes

As mentioned they dropped their album at the beginning of the equinox and what a wonderful way to see it in. A salve after a torrid fortnight. This sees them on single-style form but the whole album is worth your time.

Sugar – Sufjan Stevens

This could be the year I finally get into Sufjan Stevens. It’s music for melancholia so far as I’ve seen so far and there is something about the Autumn besetting us in this dumpster fire of an era we have been treated to that make it more attractive. Time to find out – the album is out today!

Trouble’s Coming – Royal Blood

Touted with “if you think you know what to expect from Royal Blood, think again”… was that a bluff. This mid tempo romp is exactly what I expect from Royal Blood. Adding keys is not a massive change in this case. Nice to have them back I guess but they will have to leave their rut to get my attention throughout the new album campaign.

UK peeps, look after yourselves, we are in it for the long haul and it’s doubtful the government went far enough. US peeps, keep safe but while keeping safe, get out there and vote. I know lots of wonderful people from your country and I know that this is a scary time but you’ll come through it. Everyone, just be great to everyone. DFTBA. I’ll see you next week.