This Week at Musikigai

Re-Animator by Everything Everything and The Universal Want by Doves have both been in heavy rotation this week. They are both surprisingly good. I could never get into Doves when they were last around. They cme across as a less interesting or less attention grabbing version of what the entire music market was flooded with. No matter how many times I was told by people or algorithms that I would like them, I just couldn’t get beyond the singles. Maybe with a calmer life amongst the pandemic it just hits better but it just gets better with each listen.

Everything Everything have delivered what I think may be a slow burn classic. They were described by the Guardian in the Get to Heaven era as ‘a Radiohead you can dance to’. I’d never drawn the comparison myself until after reading an interview with them in NME this week where they referenced that review and acknowledged they have to stop themselves from sounding too much like Radiohead as they are a big influence. On the next listen it became immediately clear that on one or two tracks they aren’t even trying to hide it. This is a good thing as their own identity is strong enough so why cant we have two bands pushing those same boundaries. Anyway, I’m loving the album – even if they did issue the wrong mix of Violent Sun for physical distribution. Oops. The trials of issuing your first self-published album I guess. (no real difference by the way, just muddier than the one you find on Spotify)

And that folks is about as close to an album review as we are likely to get for now. I fully intend to write up all those I have ever mentioned and the ones above but… ya know… life. Thanks for tuning in here each week for my ramblings and curation. Let’s dive in shall we?

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Music Makes Me High – The Avalanches

First single from the forthcoming Avalanches album without a headline feature and its just as good as the other tracks we’ve heard. Out in December it is shaping up to be an absolute banger. Get your dance on! If you like this track, maybe check out Joe Goddard’s solo album, its got plenty more like it.

Bobbi’s Second World – The Orielles

Do you remember when we could leave the house without a gas mask and looming anxiety? This album, still released in 2020, was released then. Re-found this track recently and its been hanging around in the ‘potential’ list for a bit. have some positive sounds!

Straws In the Wind – King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard

Another week, another track from King Gizz (seriously I post them so often my fingers get tired thinking about typing their name in full and I always call them Wizard Lizard). Does anyone know what happens if they don’t release music more frequently than government U-turns? I suppose 2018 happened but only because 2017 happened and then we still got two albums last year. Anyway, this is another track. No doubt another album before 2020 is out.

Black Dog – Arlo Parks

(Do I need a trigger warning for depression here? Is this something we do now? Well there you go, it’s there). How can I feel so seen, so attacked and so comforted at the same time? I put Jarv Is… House Music All Night Long or Grimes’ 4ÆM as the anthem of the year. And maybe they both are and this is the third in the trilogy for those struggling with the circumstances, the isolation, the lack of work, the health issues exacerbated and those that make it even more scary. This song sees us, and I see you. Stay safe, friends. The song itself oddly sounds like it feels doesn’t it?

Cathedrals of the Mind – Doves

Another Doves track this week and on soaring form. I’ve tried to post the immediate hitters but the album deserves your attention. I think it’s a sleeper of an album this year. So many great albums this year but still see this one doing well in the year end lists. In spite of what I said above, I’m glad they are back and I may have found my springboard to fully discover them.

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If you are struggling (like track 4 above) please find support. First ports of call I would recommend are CALM, Mind, Mental Health UK and Samaritans. There are loads more support mechanisms out there but those are a good place to start. No matter your actual circumstances though, keep looking after yourselves and those around you. Keep being awesome. And come back next week for more of this opinion on the internet… because we need more of those!