This Week at Musikigai

This week it was Muskigai’s birthday which passed in a rather Covid-19 fashion. My birthday present was essentially a normal day out getting a hair cut for the first time in 6 months which due to a new barber and over enthusiasm on my part looks ridiculous, and an evening in the pub with friends and chicken wings – perfect. I also went to see Tenet in the cinema! A surprise given I am a vulnerable sort in relation to the pandemic but I did it safely and I highly recommend anyone who can do so safely, to catch it on the largest screen you have access to while you can. It is big, loud and has a typically Nolan but nonetheless spectacular score. Nice feeling the bass in cinema speakers for once. Cinemas are always a little quieter than I would have them but not so here!

Aside from that I now have a copy of Pink Floyd Animals on vinyl which completes the golden-era quadrilogy for me – Animals, Dark Side, Wish You Were Here and The Wall. I am also awaiting the arrival of the new Everything Everything record which I snuck a streamed listen to after midnight last night and it’s more from them – it may take a few listens to reveal itself but initial reaction is muted. Frank Carter and the Rattlesnakes Blossom 5 year reissue and Idles trilogy of albums on release of Ultra Mono are things I’m looking forward to through the rest of the month too.

Enough update, on to this week’s tracks:

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Strange Timez – Gorillaz feat. Robert Smith

Accompanied by the news of the Song Machine project coagulating into an album-proper (and notably season one), this great track featuring the infamous Cure vocals of Robert Smith. He and 2D (Albarn) play off against each other brilliantly and it should prove a great opener to the album next month when it comes out. Interestingly the Tony Allen track How Far? Got relegated to disk two. I’ll take some kudos for judging that track accordingly as it is one of only two tracks in the project to date not to feature in Friday Five or the track reviews that preceded the F5 project. This one is great though and I’m looking forward to th collected release which has many more new tracks including features from Elton John, St Vincent and Beck to look forward to.

Violent Sun – Everything Everything

I held off posting this when it was released as a single as I wasn’t too sure about it. Truth told I wasn’t sure of Arch Enemy either but both have grown on me considerably since then and were highlights of the listen last night. I got the sense that the album will take a few listens to unfurl and I’ll be sure to give it the time over the coming weeks. It certainly does not have the immediacy of their other albums but that is not necessarily a bad thing as we know. So far as this track goes that driving relentlessness is somewhat calming.

A Million Colours – Tunng

Tunng were a band I got into at university. I have a lot of fond memories of listening to their singles and bits of their albums but they never gripped onto me all that well. I enjoyed the jaunty, carefree nature with world music vibes. Seen them live at Glasto once and it was as good as hoped. When I gave this track a listen it reminded me of listening to their earlier singles like Bullets so it gets a position here. It is steady and moderated but enjoyable and light.

Barre – Songhoy Blues

You know by now I’m a supporter of Songhoy Blues – the Malian rock and roll band. Here is another brilliant track from them. If you are unfamiliar with them or are looking for quirky but fitting tracks to your rock playlists I encourage you to check out their albums and look forward to this one with interest – I certainly am!

Letter to You – Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band

I don’t normally care for Bruce Springsteen. Obviously I admire and respect the guy and seeing him live at Glasto is a treasured memory to see a legend of the art form of live music with the complete E Street and in full form. However, he is the best of American AOR to my British ears and while that is appreciated for what it is, there is no getting away from it. You’ll never catch me listening to Dave Matthews for more than one or two songs. Same deal here. (Though I’d take the Boss over Matthews any day!). The mood must have hit me or this is his best track in years because it makes its place here and I like it. New album on the way and an epic end to this week’s five.

Catch you next time.