This Week at Musikigai

Record Store Day was an unmitigated success! Taking the first trip into central London in 6 months in search of sweet sweet grails was a good if slightly nervous experience. Everything went without a hitch. We even went for some food and a beer.

In years past RSD is a bit hectic and not worth the crowds. This year the restrictions and a little bit of the weather meant that after the really keen folk who camped out or turned up before dawn had done their thing it was easy going. We were expecting a queue round the block and found a queue… for the discount clothes store next door (no one in it observing social distancing). No queue inside Rough Trade East – our carefully and tacitcally chosen target based on queuing space and ability to social distance and browse safely. Once we got in there, I had to ask where the stock was as there were so few people there. Clearly a steady stream of one or two at a time though. I managed to walk out with 8 of my 11 targets. In the evening I managed to snag the other three online after an hour of Glastonbury Ticket -esque madness and frustration.

What was on my list? You’ll have to wait for a future post on that once the last items arrive! How about some tunes for your weekend instead? We have a very dance oriented vibe this week! (You can tell I’ve got a week off work lined up!)

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This Feeling – Faithless (feat. Suli and Nathan Ball)

In the sixth edition of this playlist collection I posted a track by Faithless which dropped out of nowhere. This was swiftly removed from all social and streaming sites. You could still purchase it but otherwise it was unavailable. It was an absolute banger and a pleasant surprise. However, it’s removal meant I was not keen to include further Faithless tracks in case they again got removed (hence the Arch5 is an x4 or x9 number rather than 5 or 0). I will reinstate it next month though when the first new Faithless record in over a decade is released. The other singles have been brilliant as well. This is one of them and if you keep reading you may find another to make up for lost time. I am very excited for this and you should be too if you like dance music!

Cyr – Smashing Pumpkins

Also announcing their surprise come back are the Smashing Pumpkins. With it comes an apparent shift in sound too towards the more electronic – almost Pet Shop Boys in style. That same idiosyncratic voice keeps it rooted in Pumpkin goodness though. While I like their stuff Ive never been into them enough to play regularly unprompted but this is decent!

Birthday (Disclosure VIP remix) – Disclosure feat. Syd & Kehlani

Loving the new Disclosure record. I’ll get a full take out at some point. Interesting though that they released this the day before the record dropped (Lavender bumped it last week as a fresh one-listen hot take) but the remix is infinitely better than the album version. The Album version feels a little lost on the record and is the clear chart and pop demographic targeting track for the album like the Sam Smith songs before it but it seems weak and empty. The Disclosure remix OF THEIR OWN SONG is filled with the life the original lacks which begs the question, why is this not the original one and on the album? Anyway, it’s here to enjoy. Saved it for this week as by the next time we have one of these lists I will be adding one to my age when asked.

Prisoners – Doves

Yet another band returning after 10 years away this week in Doves. There was always something in them that prevented them becoming a firm favourite for me even though they have always been safely within my genre preferences. I still feel the same about them but this is a good track from them and I’m at least interested to see what else they have lined up. (The other single they have released is fine and the remix by Comet is Coming is a hot mess – check it out if you must)

Synthesiser – Faithless (feat. Nathan Ball)

Double Faithless for you lovely readers. Have a banging weekend.

Hot Chip got bumped this week. Almost certain to appear next week, they have released a Velvet Underground cover alongside the announcement of their forthcoming Late Night Tales compilation. I’m a fan of the series and a fan of theirs and it was an instant pre-order for me. Can’t wait.

Stay safe, have fun, see you next time.