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Well this was quietly a big week behind the scenes for this blog project jobby. There are new visual formats on the way for the socials as I have finally sat down with photoshop and sorted that out. Who knows, this might resemble something professional sometime soon!

The first of these changes was revealed on Wednesday in the Tom Misch review on Instagram. Rather than trying to write all over the album cover and arguing with Photoshop Express on my iPhone 6S I thought better to establish a more consistent – and more importantly controllable! – style for the posts. The second is right here in front of you! (and on IG). A similarly new format for showing off the tracks for this playlist. In fact F5 was the thing that spurred me to sort out the redesign. I loathe faffing with images on my phone – it’s too small, not intuitive and lacks the level of control I like – and if you look back at the wall on my IG profile I think every single one is just slightly different as I couldn’t set the template – I had to rebuild it each week. This should sort that out.

Feedback keenly welcomed and requested – good or bad. All of this is in development so I’m keen to hear people’s thoughts so I can make content that not only is enjoyable to read but is distinctive and nice to look at out there on the socials.

More exciting than the trials of photoshop though – my copy of Beyond the Pale by Jarv Is arrived a day early! I’ve not had that happen since I was in school ordering CDs most weeks on and Zavvi. Back then new music came out on Mondays and sometimes the CDs would arrive on Friday or Saturday giving a full weekend preview if you were lucky. Unfortunately no download code so have only listened once off wax. The full view will be coming to you next week assuming all goes well over the weekend.

This week we have a double dose of IDLES in two different guises, the first remix Simon Green has done in 3 years and a couple of tracks from forthcoming album reviews. Let’s get into it!

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Final Days – Michael Kiwanuka (Bonobo Remix)

Michael Kiwanuka’s eponymous third album was one of the best of last year. It didn’t make my year end list but that was only because I first heard it this year – go figure. It is a beautiful thing filled with timeless tracks. Cue much over excitement when this remix appeared in my Release Radar. Bonobo hasn’t done a remix in over three years. What a way to return. It takes the beautiful original, which of course included Kiwanuka’s enchanting vocals and adds the signature Bonobo twist so that it sounds like it was always his while not taking away from the original. I could see these two collaborating on a new track in future as Kiwanuka’s voice really works on Bonobo’s musical styles. Imagine him covering First Fires from The North Borders or No Reason on Migration (no disrespect to Nick Murphy at all – he was great). Let’s hope for a feature on the next Simon Green full-length. Certainly a contender for my end of year list. Can you tell?

None of Us Are Getting Out of This Life Alive – The Streets (feat. IDLES)

I haven’t listened to the whole of the new album / mixtape from The Streets yet. It’s on the list. I have heard a few tracks though and this one (the title track) leapt out. Partially due to the guest on it. We are in for a double dose of Joe Talbot’s crew on F5 now. The Streets is an act that never really clicked for me beyond the singles but I enjoyed the lead single from this new record and am probably more of a mind to pay the requisite attention now. Also the vocal styling isn’t as grating on me as it was on my teenage indie obsessed ears during the ’00s. Here we have a scuzzy and dark track where Mike Skinner and Joe Talbot’s vocals find their natural partners.

A Hymn – IDLES

I can’t believe it is still over 2 months until this new album comes out. Especially given the number of singles we have for it already. I think they match Fontaines D.Cc at this point and their record is out in 2 weeks as opposed to Ultra Mono’s release date of 24 September. Here we see IDLES get as close to a true ballad as they are ever likely to get. A longer track sitting firmly in a backline atmosphere painting a dark image pairs well pairing well with the melancholic existential theme of the lyrics. “I want to be loved. Everybody Does. Shame”.

Old Flame – Dream Wife

From a downbeat observation of desire for love to an upbeat nostalgic but grounded take on past failed romance. This was another favourite track from the hugely enjoyable sophomore record from this punk trio. Full album review coming next week.

Buckfast – Nadine Shah

Another track from a forthcoming review (though this one may not be out for a couple of weeks from when you are reading this even though it is written already). Kitchen Sink is one for fans of Bjork and eclectic crazy musical components jumbled together into something resembling a song. This was one of the more enjoyable moments on the record. It really feels like a drunken jolly. Maybe I’m a bit envious of those venturing back to the pubs…

That’s it for this week from me. Follow, like and comment on Instagram to donate a spark of dopamine as payment for enjoying this post.

Stay safe out there folks and keep listening!


  • Monday – Jarv Is – Beyond the Pale
  • Wednesday – Dream Wife – So When you Gonna…
  • Friday – Friday Five
  • Coming soon: Nadine Shah, Phoebe Bridgers, The Streets, Keleketla! and more!

NB: the album reviews may swap days if I don’t get Jarv Is done over the weekend but I’m aiming to get it out ASAP