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Hello musical explorers! I hope you have had a good week whatever you particular extent of lockdown has brought you. I have spent a bit of time the last week getting my proverbial together with this blogging malarky. What this means is that from now on there should be more material coming out each week and with greater consistency. I just need to sort out my IG consistency (both pictures and timing) and we are off and sailing… maybe.

As a bit of a state of the blog – which I may do a full post on at some point – the intent is to be consistent in delivery rather than timely. What this means is that some album reviews may come out weeks after the date it comes out but it will mean I can pretty consistently post on here three times a week – album reviews on Mondays and Wednesdays and nobody’s favourite playlist update on Fridays. Thats the plan. I’m about to write a review that will be coming out in over 2 weeks time so its working for now. Why did so many female artists release fantastic albums all at once? I’m also seeding out reviews I’ve had in the bank for a while but just not posted yet for ‘reasons’.

Anyway, to this week’s list! I think this is a particularly great set of tracks this week. We have a 12 minute track from Sufjan Stevens and a remix of a 90’s electronic classic from Flume. Enjoy the treasure trove below. Go forth, subscribe to playlists and enjoy!

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America – Sufjan Stevens

“Don’t do to me what you did to America.”

Quite a powerful pseudo political lyric right there. The epic 12 minute closer to Sufjan Stevens forthcoming album The Ascension is quite something. It carries you along, it doesn’t bore along it’s length and certainly doesn’t feel like 12 minutes. I’ve never managed to get into Sufjan but if this is indicative of the record, I’m all on board! (The cover art for the album is also a multicoloured, geometric wonder and I’m a magpie for those. So there’s that too!)

Tidal Wave – Tom Misch and Yussef Dayes

A track that sounds like it could be taken from a recent Bonobo or Maribou State album this is one of many highlights from the recent collaborative album. Full review coming next Wednesday (yes long-time readers, I have actually written reviews AND ahead of time!). I recommend listening to and absorbing the full album. It is a magical listen.

Can I Kick It? (J Cole Remix) – A Tribe Called Quest

Continuing the chilled vibe of this week’s list, sometimes you need an aural massage from a classic and this different take on the timeless track hits all the right places. Thanks to my music sharing group for this one. As I’ve said before, this list isn’t exclusively for new releases each week, it is also for just damn good tunes, wherever they come from.

Last – Tourist x The Range

Tourist continues to be an artist I need to spend more time with. The trouble with coming to someone 4 albums in and wanting to hear all of it at once means its more tricky to get very familiar with it. Last year’s Wild made it as a late entry to my Albums of the Year list. With production stylings not too dissimilar to the debut Flume record and a vibe I can get right on board with I’ve been enjoying his stuff when I hear it. This track is no exception. Indicative of a forthcoming album or not, this is good!

Blue – Eiffel 65 (Flume remix)

Speaking of Flume, this track deserves a full position in this series after its footnote mention last week. How daft and unexpected and yet he adds his touch and it is pretty awesome.

I didn’t even get to include a track from the Keleketla! album or some of the new remixes from Caribou this week. There is so much great music coming out this year this project is a frustrating pleasure to put together. I know I’m not getting through even 10% of output either, it’s just what comes to my attention. I’ve got a massive backlog of candidates for the list that just don’t quite make the cut each week. f you would like a massive dump of those, let me know. Otherwise I may just save them up for the ‘holiday’ season when there is naff all coming out!

That’s it from me this week folks. Stay safe, be sensible if you’re out and about and DFTBA.

As you have read all the way to the bottom you get to find out what reviews are coming out next week you lucky so and so.


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