Welcome to another edition of five carefully curated tracks for your consumption and enjoyment (or provocation)!

This week has contained a lot of great new music, pretty much all from female artists. Haim, Jessie Ware and Nadine Shah all released albums last Friday and I finally got round to listening to Phoebe Bridgers’ Punisher. It’s been nice getting back to the headphones after a week of watching Glastonbury sets from years going by while making decent efforts on 10 litres of Somerset’s finest.

STORYTIME! On the Khruangbin record, due to the Glastonbury delays, I didn’t get round to listening to the record until after the (delayed) vinyl arrived this week. I very rarely listen to a record on vinyl first as Spotify is so much more convenient and just there. I also don’t live near a record store and even if I did, couldn’t go right now. I also tend not to pre-order records – though this year that tendency is smashed to pieces as my sofa-based procurement of 12″ discs seems to have gone wild (more on that as they arrive in the post). Anyway, the funny part is I forgot that the last thing I listened to was the triple vinyl of Jamie xx’s In Colour – which is cut to 45 RPM. Super inconvenient but pretty and good sound. When playing the new record I didn’t notice it was playing 50% too fast until track 2! The opener is really slow in my defence but even so – it was a full restart. My first ever, first album listen from vinyl, marred by a distinctly vinyl problem.

Made me laugh anyway. Right! On to this week’s selections!

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My High – Disclosure (feat. Slow Thai)

In case the return to the album-one, track-one stylings of forthcoming album title track ENERGY wasn’t enough to get the excitement pumping, this exhilarating number has piled down on the accelerator. So pleased to have Disclosure back and they seem to be on form.

Kyoto – Phoebe Bridgers

Phoebe Bridgers is still someone I need to take some time and pay attention to. She seems to have been on every single festival line up that was planned for 2020 and has been a darling of online outlets for a few years now. This track from her new album, Punisher, is a particularly great track.

Hypercolour – Camelphat feat. Yannis Phillipakis & Foals

Clearly not happy with just delivering a brilliant opus of a double record last year in Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost, Foals team up with Camelphat here for an absolute banger of a dance track. Yannis’ voice lends itself well to the genre but is so idiosyncratic it makes this sound like a dance-y off-cut or remix of something from a Foals record pure. I’m confused as to why Yannis is listed separately to Foals here if Foals are ont he record too… weird.

What’s Your Pleasure – Jessie Ware

There are many tracks I could have picked from Jessie Ware’s latest record. As mentioned above it has been a great couple of weeks for female artists. While something that shouldn’t need to be shouted about, it really should be accented as there are still inequalities in the music industry between the genders. Anyway, this track represents the feel of the album really well. IT is electronic, it is lush, it is comfortable and a soothing listen while keeping the energy up. Luxurious electro-pop for you, sir/madam? This way please.

Glastonbury Weekend – Beans on Toast

It was supposed to be Glastonbury Festival last weekend. It is musical Christmas. But Covid-19 took that away from us. Not that your commentator here had tickets. Haven’t seen one of those in years now – rocking horse droppings would be easier to find! I must have seen Beans on Toast has a troubadour method unlike many out there and holds the festival in possibly higher love than even I do and can articulate things about it no-one else can. In a way, the postponement was a good thing as it meant that everyone who likes the festival could celebrate the half-century in the same way – whether they had tickets or not. It was fantastic to see the efforts in celebrating it with pyramid stages, tents, signage, bars and huge amounts of cider. We did our bit with 10 litres from the Cider Bus, flags and wall to wall coverage on the BBC iPlayer – including mostly full sets. I’ve saved Blur like the last bit of crackling in a roast dinner. It is my favourite gig of all time and I’m worries seeing it in full for the first time since 2009 may ruin it (though other comments I’ve seen make it sound like my fears are unfounded). If you like this track, check out This Side of the Fence and Can’t Get a Gig at Glastonbury.

That’s your lot for this week, folks. However only because format is format and I made this before discovering the Flume remix of Blue by Eiffel 65. Yes you read that correctly. Go find it on your service of choice or wait until next week when it will likely appear here. Have a good week!