Happy Glastonbury weekend, everyone! I’m issuing this on Glastonbury time. Yes, that means it is a day late (first time since starting this series – a miracle in and of itself!) but it is here!

I’ve been spending the last few days immersing myself in the BBC’s Glastonbury Experience, watching endless sets from years gone by, many of which I had the privilege to be in the crowd for! It is really worth checking out for lovers of music. They have over 120 and counting programmes on the iPlayer – mostly full sets from years gone by. Oasis and Orbital 1994 sets are the oldest thing on there but there is plenty since then and loads of legendary sets, breakthroughs and top class shows to watch.

Anyway, we are here for five tracks. This week is also a busy and decent week for album releases with records from Khruangbin, Jessie Ware and Haim all dropping. I have a new plan for actually writing about these records. Watch this space for more regular output – I really do promise this time! It’ll take a little while but we will catch up!

Spotify links: This Week / Archive

Don’t Wanna – Haim

New album out this weekend. Yet to check it out but have been hearing very good rumblings. Their 2017 set from Glastonbury is available on BBC iPlayer. Get yourself some Bass-Face!

Pure Luxury – NZCA LINES

Another discovery from the 6 Music recommends day. Can’t remember whose track it was but it’s a great poppy track and worth adding to your summer playlists!

Ravi – Caribou

Late to these lists but has been waiting patiently. In my view one of the best tracks from the latest Caribou record. Full review here.

Pelota – Khruangbin

More from the wonderful Khruangbin. Finding lyris a space in their work and continuing their trends for excellent music videos as we have seen in this list in weeks gone by. As I mentioned their album is also out this week. I’m awaiting the vinyl arrival and will be giving my take in due course.

Divine Intervention – PVA

Yet another 6 Music Recommends track. Again, just good fun.

That’s your lot. I’m getting back the the Glasto live stream channel!