Is the world still on fire? OK, cool, just checking. I’ll continue staying indoors for the twenty-teenth week in a row. It’s scary outside anyway. It has wasps.

You lucky folk get to see my mind unravelling week by week. That is assuming you read this bit as opposed to scrolling to see what musical gems I have plucked from the streamiverse this week. I don’t blame you. I’m writing this through one eye and low volume this week – thanks migraines!

I’m considering taking my wares to a podcast or YouTube form. Which are exactly the kinds of thoughts you have when you hair is becoming inexplicable and you’ve been cut off from the worlds for 3 months – displaying your ugly mug on the web for the 30 going-on 13-year-olds to troll you. Only musings for now. Seeing as I can’t find the wherewithal to write stuff on here, it may be biting off more than I can chew right now.

Anyway, I had feedback in the last couple of weeks! Thank you guys! See if you can spot the differences. Prizes for spotting them are an enormous sense of well-being and being happy for the rest of the day, knowing that there is always a bit of my heart devoted to you.

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Salted Caramel Ice Cream – Metronomy

This track has been out a good long while now in relative terms to my usual openers. It is a charming ‘choon’ from Metronomy. Jaunty and lifting with wonderfully charming and fun lyrics. I’m not a hugely sentimental type most of the time but as I’ve run around my neighbourhood for my state sanctioned daily exercise…

(what? …I’m ‘shielding’ so it doesn’t apply to me? …Have you read the drivel on here? How much worse do you think it would be if I didn’t…. sod off!)

Editor – correction: illegal and ill-advised daily runs…

…it has always made me think of my long-suffering partner. So as I couldn’t buy a card for her birthday this week (mention Moonpig and you’re banned) I co-opted one of the copious piles of Amazon boxes to make the worst birthday card yet with the lyrics inside. I have form on poor cards her anniversary card last year was a folded post-it note… not joking.

Happy Birthday SW! You’re just like a dream… most of the time.

Going Soft – Sports Team

Cheeky post-punk outfit Sports Team have finally released an LP! What fun it is too. This band have been brought to my attention plenty over the last year or so but I’m such an album junkie, so while I enjoyed what I heard I they didn’t dominate as much as they might have.

As an aside, for me playlists are a great tool for enjoying music generally but for exploring and understanding artists, albums remain the ultimate creative expression. Maybe I should make more of an effort on the EP etc. front as that is becoming more of a way forward (see Christine and the Queens exceptional recent EP La Vita Nuova for evidence there). I don’t know, I’m probably chatting sh*t… I blame the drugs I’m on.

Anyway, this dropped alongside the new Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever record (more on that soon) last week and the combination of listening to both of their records and this one returned me to the halcyon peak of landfill indie of the mid naughties in a very good way indeed. There is a Franz Ferdinand style charm to Sports Team and I’m all here for it. Full take on all mentioned albums coming soon (yes, yes the list is obscene, thanks for reminding me!)

Save the Whale – Jarv Is

The latest project form Jarvis Cocker is on the way. It was meant to come out in May, then it moved to September, now it is July and as the singles continue to emerge and record stores opening again tentatively, it looks to be set to go ahead this time. This is the latest track ahead of the album release and the one to give its name – Jarvis said in an interview Save the Whale is almost a second title for the album. Each track from that album so far has taken some time to get used to as they are all so idiosyncratic but already after a few listens it has only further increased intrigue and excitement for the full project when it lands next month. The project as a whole is meant to be experienced live as it was meant to be a live-only thing. I’m glad there is a non-live aspect, even if it is secondary, to keep us tided over until we can all be together in front of a stage again.

Agility – SickOnes

BIG UP FROME MASSIV YEA? Ahem, apparently a shell suit just took over my fingers. Anyway, this is the first of two finds from the 6 Music Recommends Day that was run on daytime yesterday. An excellent day of music. Work took me away a bit and then the migraine hit but from what I heard I could have filled this entire week – so look out next week for some more picks).

To this one though, Huey Morgan – my favourite 6 Music presenter and lead singer of Super Furry Animals – used to live in Frome (pronounced like room with an F in front, none of this Rome nonsense thank you!) until about 2018. So what? Your embattled writer grew up there (or near as damn it)! Frome is a small but now-trendy Somerset town frustratingly just beyond the day ticket catchment for Glastonbury where my Mum now lives (hi Mum!) and I have known very well for all but 5 years of my existence. Huey has since moved to Bath but his pick for the first 6 months of 2020 for Recommends Day was a track by a Frome-based hardcore come punk band SickOnes. Never heard of them before and haven’t checked out the rest of their stuff yet though I sense there was a significant style shift as they replaced their singer. In any case this track is brash and brilliant and I hope for bigger things for them (or I can just go see them at the Cheese and Grain when I am eventually allowed to go home again).

Crocodile – Melt Yourself Down

Get the volume up and your dance on to this spacey jazz-infused bop from Melt Yourself Down. Sean Keaveny’s choice for the last 6 months on 6 Music Recommends Day and what a fab track it is too. I’m hearing plenty of influences from the recent jazz revival but also the party elements of acts like Jungle …in space. Sometimes a track just feels great.

On that energetic note I wish you a great weekend! Hope you kept up with all of that. Let me know what you think of my ramblings via the socials (IG is best). Or if you are blessed enough to have my mobile number I shall accept no other vehicle than carrier pigeon… or WhatsApp… WhatAapp is fine. Less risk of Covid infection spread that way. …I’m off to re-read that med box…

Stay home, keep safe, be kind. DFTBA!