Y’all thought I forgot didn’t you? …I did.

Not much going on in the world these day is there? I’ve been angered, outraged and saddened by the events that have happened this week. No-one needs yet another comment a white middle-class guy though so I’ll leave the first track to deal with it (the only intentional change to this week’s listing).

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This is America – Childish Gambino

Want to know why I might have chosen this to open this week. Watch this. Suffice to say no-one is watching the dancers anymore.

ooh la la – Run the Jewels (feat. Greg Nice & DJ Premier)

RTJ are back. That is all.

Let the Music Decide – Faithless

So are FAITHLESS!!! What on earth? Where did this come from? Love it.

Fever – Dutty Moonshine Big Band

Congratulations to Dutty Moonshine Big Band on breaking the UK Top 40 this week. I’ve been following DM loosely for a while now and am looking forward to seeing them live when I get a chance. Can imagine it being a festival MUST!

From the dooblidoo under the vid on YouTube:

“Having to leave a nightclub, having to swap places on a dance floor with your male friend, having to keep hands over drinks and remove strangers hands from your waist as they lean in plastered to say you look sexy. High praise egh? I don’t know a woman who hasn’t faced or dealt with this in a club. Fever is here to say that we are taking back our nights out, to spend it how we want to, without being bothered by pervy blokes.”

cellophane – FKA Twigs

FKA Twigs is an artist I have seen on Jools Holland and felt captivated by recently. Though only this week have I got to actually listening to her records. This track is mesmerising, tender and heartbreaking over the Nine Inch Nails esque distorted piano. It’s hard not to be swept away in a moment of solemn beauty with this one.

This blog wants you and your culture – in that order. Stay safe. Be excellent to one another. DFTBA.