Another week, another 5 tracks. My Bank Holiday weekend was filled with researching new headphones, DACs and headphone amps. Hence no reviews. However I now have the new cans for listening to stuff and the amp and DAC are on their way. The list of things to cover is getting longer so need to crack through soon.

News of the new Disclosure album in August, the release of the Lady Gaga album today (with the incredible playlist leading up to it) and a bunch of other stuff means this week has some real bangers.

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Let’s GO!

Having No Head – The 1975

This electronic instrumental track from the band’s latest album Notes on a Conditional Form is a real highlight for me. The album (on the list for full review) is on the erratic and messy side of things but this track taken out of context sounds like it is by literally anyone else but them and that’s just fine. The rest of the album has some cracking tracks too but is overall a bit muddled – not that that necessarily matters.

Rain on Me – Lady Gaga (feat Ariana Grande)

Lady Gaga has returned with her sixth full length album today. This is the lead single and shows that the detours and breaks in recent years have given space to develop another set of pop bangers. As someone who was of clubbing age around the time of her emergence, this is a little exciting even if it’s not my thing overall.

Given the nostalgia for this that I’m feeling, it is a weird coincidence that Guru Josh Project have also re-emerged. It’s terrible. If you want to suffer a specific flavour of Euro-Trash here it is (Spotify only).

…Oh man Infinity 2008 (YouTube) still bangs though!

ENERGY – Disclosure

Discovered too late for inclusion last week, Disclosure have released the first single ahead of their album of the same name coming 28 August. The eclectic sounds from their recent EP are scaled back to a more ‘Disclosure sound’ but their influence is there. Also the same vocalist / preacher Eric Thomas from When A Fire Starts To Burn returns with a comment of even more impact. These are all great indications from my perspective. Disclosure taking influence from world music and rhythms and referencing their debut record in this way has ignited an excitement I remember ahead of their debut. You know there will be more coverage as the summer reveals more from this project!

So When You Gonna… – Dream Wife

Dream Wife are gearing up for their second album. If you liked that, you’ll love this. The world needs more female punk bands but the ones we have already are pretty great. If you missed their debut record go find it on your streaming platform of choice and if you want another class female punk band check out Mannequin Pussy’s latest album Patience.

My Little Brother – Art Brut

While I focus on newer music for this segment, I never said it wouldn’t include older tracks. This is an old track but they have just released a remaster of the album and a German version of this song which led it to being played on the radio the other day and bringing it to my attention. The original is above and the German version is found here (YouTube).

Hope you enjoyed this small curation this week. Let me know what floats your boat. Have a great weekend and see you in the next post.