The every growing continuation of these posts reveals the stark lack of other content. Sometimes life gets in the way. You get that. I’m hopeful the much needed Bank Holiday will provide some time to play catch up and be able to provide a plethora of new posts for you to enjoy or ignore int he coming weeks.

Trust lockdown is treating you well and that my weekly curations are bringing some joy. Of course if they don’t I’ll understand if you ‘Kondo’ me but I’d like it if you stuck around.

This week on the Friday Five its a real mix of tracks and depending on your proclivities there should be at least one tune in therefor you and the long weekend (for UK folk, those elsewhere, its another May weekend). LEt me know your thoughts across the socials (Insta seems best right now) at @musikigai

Friday Five – 22 May 2020 on Spotify

Friday Arch5 (previous weeks) on Spotify

Yes, yes, I actually included the links this week. Let’s get into it!

Running Red Lights – The Avalanches (feat. Rivers Cuomo and Pink Siifu)

The Weezer frontman takes lead vocals on this track from The Avalanches. It’s a summer vibe winner sounding preppy and acoustic yet dreamy like something you might listen to while riding down a coast road with the windows down and the volume up. Interesting to see Avalanches move away from the sample-based style that made their name towards a more standard production and song-writing track.

Atlas – Bicep

I’m a person who enjoys electronic music but hates clubs. Which is n’t a good combination for keeping up with the latest in the genre. I also don’t listen to the right radio channels and don’t trust Spotify playlists all that much given my experience on topics I know more about. However this one has floated across the 6Music playlist and my awareness and I love it. Theres something meditative yet industrial about it. I could imagine it being the highlight of a Bicep set at Printworks – if we are ever let out again.

Mr. Motivator – IDLES

New track from the never-stopping tour de force that is IDLES. This is just another banger from everyone’s favourite current punk band. (Yea Fontaines and Murder Capital fans – I said it. Come at me!)

Call My Phone Thinking I’m Doing Nothing Better – The Streets (feat. Tame Impala)

I don’t think there is anyone holding a return to music over the head to the same degree with Mike Skinner as some do for James Murphy and LCD Soundsystem (and even they were forgiven fairly quickly). It’s great to hear the dulcet observation back on the airwaves complemented beautifully by the signature sound of Kevin Parker.

Concrete Pony – Ghostpoet

Never been a fan of Ghostpoet really. Something rubs me the wrong way in his style. However as he has evolved as an artist since the time I saw him supporting Jamie Woon (remember him!?) in the Newcastle Other Rooms about 10 years ago there are more tunes that I can appreciate and this is no different.

Thats your lot for this week. More music content on the way soon… at some point. Keep an eye on the socials for the latest. Keep safe, stay alert (…the fu…) and be kind. Until next time.