You all thought I’d forgotten hadn’t you? Funnily enough this doesn’t pay me (yet) and some people who kindly do give me money for my efforts demanded my time today instead. I’m grateful to have a job that means “THESE UNCERTAIN TIMES” don’t affect it at all. Anyway, happy Friday folks. I hope you’ve had a good week since last we met. I have another 5 tracks for you to peruse today.

The Friday Five Playlist – on Spotify

The Friday Arch5 – on Spotify

While I have you, there are more full length reviews planned but, ya know, life. Tom Misch, Frank Turner’s live album, Pigs*7 and Car Seat Headrest all on the way but no promise as to when.

Let’s get to some listening though:

Time (You and I) – Khruangbin

What an absolute bop, jive and choon all in one. If this is a portent of the album on the way soon then I am so on board! Oh and if you wanted a video of Stephen K Amos wondering around London making sandcastles, you are in luck!

Hollywood – Car Seat Headrest

I am late to the Car Seat party but the latest record with its added electronic elements has really caught my attention. One always needs an in and from here I can explore. This is a straight up rock track. A bit dated in many ways but a bit of energy and adrenaline for a sunny Friday evening.

Human Contact – Beans on Toast

The last few weeks have got to me and while I’m an introvert this song caught me today. Beans has always had a gift for turning out a song on a day’s events and this is him in his origins and roots as a simple acoustic troubadour. Lovely chap and I share his longing for gigs and festivals at the very least. A chill moment.

Arch Enemy – Everything Everything

The second single from the forthcoming album out in August. This is classic Everything Everything. In Birdsong, the other single is pretty good too but I thought I’d go for more upbeat songs this week after last week’s mellow set. We could see it in future…

The Difference – Flume feat. Toro Y Moi

This track has been out for a while now but the extended edition was released this week so to go out on a ‘Friday Night’ note it’s here for your enjoyment. A solid track from Flume and great vocals from Toro Y Moi. Get your dance on!

That’s it for this week’s edition. Have a good week and I’ll see you across the socials. Reach out and say hello – I don’t bite! Share a tune, challenge my opinion, whatever – we’re all friends here!

Stay Safe, Stay Alert (whatever that means…)