A new initiative (trial) to share more music with you in a more real-time fashion and to give you something to enjoy while I sift through the week’s new releases. I love NMF (New Music Friday). I am of course launching it late because reasons (real reasons, but not for discussion round these parts) so: oops, sorry, let’s listen to some music yea?

Each week I shall distil my listening and the release zeitgeist to 5 tracks I think you need to hear – for better or worse. I’ll put them up on here with a little explainer, maybe a little review, a sarcastic comment, a joke, or at worst an emoji and you can enjoy them and let me know what you think! Or not… do what you want. No one can force you to do stuff. Well, the government can right now and you should listen… I digress – again.

Spotify link to the weekly updated playlist

Spotify link to the Archive (all past editions)

Ready for your first 5? Pretend you’re reading this last Friday 1 May ok?

House Music All Night Long – Jarv Is

The lyrics to this song have taken on a new meaning that not even the sooth-saying Mr Cocker could have foreseen given the current situation. We’ll take the retro-fit and just grumble a bit that the full album has been pushed back from today to September.

Idontknow – Jamie xx

What is it about this guy that means even the throwaway, creative-block track is a piece of unmitigated genius? It may sound frenetic and messy at first but it blossoms with each listen to an essential dance track guaranteed to get people moving. Jamie’s instagram has been a beautiful thing since its release, filled with all sorts of people dancing around the house to this track. Full post on this track here.

Shangri-La – EOB

Shangri-La, Brasil, Shangri-La, Brasil it is a tough choice. Sod it we’ll have Brasil next week – maybe. Shangri-La is a delightfully upbeat track with a summer vibe and a backbone with those heavier guitar driven parts. Makes you want to get out in the car on a hot day, roll down the windows and blast it to everyone as you screech past (at a responsible speed and going only to required work or exercise per lockdown regulations, of course). See the full review for EOB’s incredible debut album here.

If You’re Too Shy (Let Me Know) – The 1975

The new album from The 1975 – Notes on a Conditional Form – seems to have been ‘coming out’ forever at this point. This is the latest single from it and as ever with these guys, it’s alright.

Times Like These (Acoustic) – Foo Fighters

No-one said all the songs would be new! Just worth listening to – so expect the odd #tbt worthy track in the mix from time to time. This one isn’t without explanation though. In support of Covid related charities the BBC formed the Live Lounge All-Stars and have done a Band Aid style release of this Foo Fighters classic. Dave and Taylor from the band were involved which gives it a little more credibility. All well and good, except in my humble opinion it’s a bit rubbish and the stars taking part come across as attention seeking. Better to listen to this superior version and donate to the cause here.

Hopefully a little #stayhome comfort for you with this lot. See you next week (on Friday) for your next dose of micro-curation.