Song Machine is a 13 song / episode project from Gorillaz running throughout 2020. We will be covering each song as it is released.

New music from Gorillaz is always a pleasant surprise. Given Damon Albarn’s penchant for side projects on side projects one never knows when the cartoon band backed by a now-enormous collective will make a return to our headphones. Music from them can be hit and miss and that aspect paired with the diverse range of styles they can cover on a record provides a one-arm-bandit feel whenever you press play on a new track. Looking forward to the rest!

Momentary Bliss is a delightful surprise and if it is anything to go by provides an optimistic note for this project.

Woozy drunken guitars with a simple backline and 2D’s stoner vocals introduce then fade to a synth-y hip hop bed for slowthai’s flow. It is only another 30 seconds until the gear changes again as guitars join the fray on a crescendo to introduce the other collaborators for this record, Slaves. The track flits between modes throughout to create an undulating party anthem. 2D (Albarn) starts to ape (haha) slowthai’s vocal style part way through before things reverting to the more airy acoustic / stoner vibe to see out the track.

Each of the tracks is accompanied by ‘studio out-takes’ of conversation between the band and the guest artists. The off-beat humour of the band rings true on these. 2D’s arguments over the last vegan stollen, mixed emulsions (sic) over Chelsea and views of what momentary bliss is accompany this particular track. They put a smile on my face and remind you that they are still very much a cartoon – albeit one with serious musical chops.