Song Machine is a 13 song / episode project from Gorillaz running throughout 2020. We will be covering each song as it is released.

Desolé may well be one of my favourite Gorillaz tracks of all time. It has a very relaxed vibe which lulls you into a very chilled frame of mind. A simple drumming pattern with laid back acoustic guitar stylings are then joined by Albarn lamenting in relatively coherent terms for Gorillaz. This track really hits the high notes though when the wonderful Fatoumata Diawara provides additional vocals in Malian-accent infused French. The full package is just wonderful ride and should be somewhere on your summer playlists this year. The addition of the boat ride across Lake Como just adds to that laidback vibe and makes it even better to relax to.

Machine Bitez this time around have 2D and Murdoc discussing lyrics and and Murdoc chastising someone for laughing in the background. Pithy, funny and short. Good fun.