This track has been so long coming.

Jamie xx (Smith) is one third of the indie outfit The xx and has an illustrious career of his own as a producer, DJ and electronic music artist. He has been playing this track live at his gigs for around a year and it was played on radio for the first time as part of Caribou’s BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix back in February. Since then fan’s have been eagerly awaiting the official release of the track that you can hear below and on your streaming service of choice now (I’ll update as a full track comes available on YouTube).

It is a jittery rhythmic track that builds momentum as it goes, underpinned by a punchy jungle beat. Chopped up vocal samples are bent every which way through the course of the track. It is frenetic and rave-y in all the right ways.

Quite a different vibe to the output around his debut record but as ever with Jamie xx, his Midas touch is as potent as ever.

It is hoped that this is the first single ahead of his second solo album. However, try not to get too excited, dance albums have long lead times due to its largely single based culture and The xx is rumoured to be working on their fourth studio album at the moment. So it may be a little way-off yet. Nonetheless it is great to hear new music for him!