We might carry on doing these selection boxes in future throughout the lockdown but normal service will resume tomorrow with some late review and then we will get to some newer stuff.

Happy Easter to everyone reading this, I hope your long weekend has been relaxing for those still working or has been yet another few good days for those twiddling their thumbs.

So far this weekend we danced ourselves silly on Friday, we rocked out on Saturday, took some time to chill on Sunday and now today will likely be a little more eclectic and I could have chosen anything for these slots (hence we may do more – I like the format!).

Remember that this is in aid of a good cause. Help Musicians helps musicians form cradle to grave (almost literally) providing support in their time of need in a tough industry. Their £5m reserve was wiped out in days with the Covid-19 outbreak so Off the Record have teamed up with them to create this campaign. So please give your bar tab to them this weekend if you can.

If you want to take part, simply post your own 3 isolation albums with the hashtag in the title. One old, one new and one weird, off-beat one. Your interpretation is your own. I’ve purposely been choosing ones within my life time (for the most part) and that have meant a lot to me. But, I write a music blog in my free time so of course I have a lot to share and this has sparked a lot of albums to talk about in future.

Tag me on socials @musikigai to get my attention and we can have a chat about you album choices and I will feature you in a blog post at some point soon (once the campaign has run its course). Don’t leave me hanging now!

Right lets get to it:


Gorillaz – Gorillaz

Is it possible to have a successful band without the human element? That was the exam question for Damon Albarn and Jamie Hewlett at the turn of the millennium. Nearly 20 years later the answer is well known and while Albarn has become more visible the collaborative nature of the project and the compelling characters created by Hewlett means he remains secondary.

This first album is quite different to all that has come since but laid the foundations for their brand of music that almost defies genre definition – alt hip hop maybe? It all started here with two over-played remixes and an album full of top quality tracks that often get overlooked for the more commercially successful tomes of Demon Days onwards.

Oh and watch the damn videos! There is a whole story gong on here. They are as real as those playing the instruments.


Sleep Well Beast – The National

The National were a band I just couldn’t get into. The music communities I’m a member of consistently raved about them but try as I might I just couldn’t do it so had to wait patiently for my opportunity to see them live – the litmus test for a band everyone likes but you can’t find a way in is to see them live – if you still don’t get it, they aren’t for you.

All Points East 2018 I spent the day seeing bands that fall into that category but the National were sensational and I remember two moments that caught me and introduced me to the incredible force they are. The track below form this record and the older Mr November from Aligator.

I still don’t get High Violet (the record that send the communities on fire) but this and the more recent and female vocalist focussed I am Easy to Find have caught me and it is only a matter of time until I engage with the rest of their catalogue in the way it deserves.

Oh and Matt Berninger deserves a lot more cred as a front man than he currently gets.


Back on Top – Van Morrison

This is an album from my parents’ car growing up. I take this and The Healing Game as a duo. This is the upbeat one and THG is the mellow one. So depending on your mood either is great. Both are a rare go too when I feel the need for a nostalgic musical hug.

Van Morrison may be a cantankerous sod at times but he has some serious musical chops and while beyond relevance these days is still a great song writer and musician (when he turns up). Records don’t let you down though and this one is just fantastic.

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