Time for round two. Get rocking around your house to these excellent albums. Stay home, stay safe, rock out.

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Silent Alarm – Bloc Party

This album sounds just as fresh as when it poured into our ears for the first time 15 years ago and holds up against the avalanche of indie soundalikes that followed without question. As time as passed it has matured into a totemic sound of a generation. Although most people would go to Arctic Monkeys’ debut, and I wouldn’t disagree necessarily, this was my album speaking to a generation. Maybe it speaks to life experience. Both excellent but this one is my preferred one.

Saw it live with a buddy who holds it in as high esteem as I do a little while back and they wisely played it in reverse rather than forward. Not that the end of the record is bad, it is just a great as the rest, but the pace at the start is a built in encore that way round!


End of Suffering – Frank Carter and the Rattlesnakes

My album of the year last year (also with full post pending). Frank Carter and his post Gallows band the Rattlesnakes hit their stride after two heavier punk records. There are hints on this record of what the Arctic Monkeys might have been before they disappeared up their arses (more on this in the main article soon). I defy anyone not to be electrified by Crowbar, Tyrant Lizard King and Kitty Sucker; swept up by Anxiety, Supervilain Angel Wings, and feel the dirty groove with Love Games and Butterfly.

Firmly in the all-killer bucket for me and having seen them earlier this year before Covid-19 locked us away, honestly the best live band on the circuit right now and I can only see them gathering pace and following over the years. See them next chance you get.


Möngöl Hörde – Möngöl Hörde

Daft, heavy and outside of my usual musical wheelhouse. This is the punk side project of Frank Turner and it hits hard with riffs and delights with ridiculous lyrics about Natalie Portman’s tape work rising to take over the world; condemning emojis as a form of communication, and wanting your money refunded for your life. Made to be played loud in small sweaty rooms, I find it an incredibly powerful calming record after a bad day or if you’re angry at the world. Maybe not the best in genre but I love it.

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