Welcome to my new home!


Formerly known as Substitute for Love (Sub4Love) over on Tumblr, and then abandoned for many years, my music blog has now found its new home on a proper full-blown WordPress site (ooh shiny right!?). The rebirth of the project as musikigai last July (then shown as musicy_guy) was an exciting yet brief pre-cursor to this site.

Musikigai was initially set up as an Instagram-first blog experiment. However, that proved a tricky endeavour primarily due to a very tight character count for reviews and commentary of 2000 characters (including spaces!). In a few cases this restriction led to tighter, more focussed pieces. In most cases it didn’t, leading instead to vapid hollowed-out versions of what the full-length one would have been. I started this blog to express my enthusiasm for music. More often than not this expression ran against the buffers of the limit and the work suffered as a result.

The hiatus since August was not entirely voluntary. Health issues and the day job (yea, this doesn’t pay …yet. Slide into my DMs if you can help there) got in the way and the pressure of posting every single day was too much. So this return is more pragmatic. There will be a few posts a week, adapted and cross-posted to as many places where you may follow us as possible, covering albums, gigs and tracks new and old with the odd bit of music news and longer editorial features thrown in. Expect a fair bit of festival news and hype too – I do love Glastonbury after all (when I get to go …ahem).

The style of the site will no doubt evolve over time as we get into stride. Your feedback is always welcome. Feel free to join the conversation on any site you find us. Speaking of which, blog content is now available across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Tumblr and will be adding more as and when I get round to it – check the bottom of the page for the latest links. Follow us on your service of choice, but know that here is where the real meat of things will find its home.

The excitement to be back is enormous. Another year of new music, big gigs and cultural events awaits. It’s going to be a big one!

Catch you in the comments,