10 years old yesterday. This week’s #tbt is an absolute beauty. The self-titled debut album from @thexx 

Created just for themselves, the trio of shy, introverted but highly talented people in the band could not have anticipated the incredible success the album found, propelling them in the limelight and starting their ascent to festival headliner status.

The album is quiet, minimalistic but at times euphoric all of which is amplified in their live show. VCR and Crystalised, Basic Space, Infinity have all become iconic tracks and rightly so. There is however one track on the album that still to this day stands out as one of the best pieces of music ever created – and that’s Intro. Calming and uplifting at the same time, dense and simple in parallel it opens the door to a new soundscape.

As for their influence, I think it would be safe to say that London Grammar would not exist without them and there is no doubt a precipitated effect on independent music from their less-is-more approach and electronic influenced form of shoegaze songwriting.

As Spotify became more and more the go-to destination to hear music there are very few albums I keep on my phone in MP3 form. This is one of those that never leaves my phone. In fact in addition I also own it on Vinyl and CD. Is it a desert island disc? Probably not, but it would make the long list and survive the culling for a long while.

One more thing. An admission in my part. It may be 10 years old but to me it is 9 years. I have to admit I did not ‘get it’ for a full year calling it “Pretentious Wank”. Fun as the phrase is, I now know I was wrong and wear it on my sleeve as to how someone’s taste changes. I think my repentance has been paid in several gig attendances and album preorders since then!

Highlights: tracks mentioned and the whole damn thing.

(Originally posted on Instagram – 15 August 2019)