Today we woke to the sad news of David Berman’s death. I had only encountered his music with the widely critically praised debut album from his latest project Purple Mountains. I enjoyed its alternative music genre with a slight hint of country woven in. Some sensitive song writing with touching lyrics, themes and ideas.

I hate looking back on albums in this way as we all inevitably did when Bowie died shortly after Black Star but one can’t help but wonder when looking back at the song titles and contents of the art and the nature of his passing are linked.

I was going to post a #tbt post today and have this as an album of the day next week some time but I’m bumping it up to now. It is a wonderful piece of work that I will no doubt spend more time with. It has an easy listening vibe to it that feel wonderful with some songs that have that immediate comfort and familiarity to them that is a rare thing to find in brand new music.

I intend to educate myself in the Silver Jews at some point but for now, please seek out this latest work from Berman. It was likely to feature high on year end lists and become a cult classic anyway. It’s a shame he won’t get to see that fruition of his labour.

All things said and done, this is one hell of a swan song, a thing of real beauty to leave us with. Thank you David. RIP.

Highlight Tracks: Nights That Won’t Happen, Darkness and Cold, All My Happiness Is Gone

Given the nature of this event, please, if you are in a position of hurting yourself or otherwise feeling lost please seek out services such as @calmzone or the Samaritans. There is always help available.