Troubled political and social times tend to lead to lead to better art in retaliation. 2016 and its fallout are starting to pay off.

Idles have come to fore since releasing this record with their explosive live reputation which was shown in particular in their Glastonbury Park Stage set back in June. The music is visceral and in your face and the lyrics are poignant and political without being preachy or demanding – a tactful execution indeed.

Danny Nedelko is a deftly portrayed commentary and statement on the racism and division in Britain following the EU referendum result but should resonate across any nation that is facing such divisions. It is also the most pop-y and radio friendly record on the track veering furthest from the otherwise dark, heavy aesthetic.

IDLES live at Glastonbury Festival 2019

Many are heralding this record as ‘the most important of the decade’. Statements like that are as vacuous as calling an artist relevant. With their Mercury Nomination secured in a field filled with artists those descriptions could be bestowed upon, there’s a bit of me hopes they win to note the latest iteration of Punk.

Clever, witty, poetic and all together dealt at you with brute force. A really great record.

Highlights: Danny Nedelko, Never fight a man with a perm, I’m Scum. (And so many others – it’s solid!)

(Originally posted on Instagram as Album of the Day – 14 August 2019)