Where are my fellow @frankturner fans at? I rank in the ‘all albums on vinyl, seen more times than I can count (he’s much better at that!) but somewhere north of 15’ tier of his faithful following. So, full disclosure right there.

This project has been a long time in the works, initially intended to be an EP, the more Turner researched the stories of forgotten historical women, the more he had to tell, so a full album was possible with plenty of stories left on the shelf. It’s a concept album too which is something he swore he’d never do.

Musically it lacks the depth and punch as when with his usual band but his new, all-female, band and producer have created a beautiful folk rock album telling poetic and fascinating tales. Podcasts bring colour to the songs by exploring the story in full over 30 minutes. Musically there are some deft touches too by using a style suitable to the time of culture of the story being told and in one case even using the music and words written by the the subject herself (Kassiani, a Byzantine Nun)

A reworked Silent Key – which appears on PS4NP in its @_sleepingsouls version – shows off the talent of the new band he gathered for the project (which was presumably at the same time as the others were recording the @divediveband album I covered recently).

The stories behind a grave yard I found last year and about one of my favourite pubs are highlights alongside the fantastic Dodge city romo and important forgotten root of rock and roll.

The podcasts are an essential component to this album. The tarot cards a delightful touch and this is a lovely side project insight to another side of FTs interests and music without his many partners in crime.

Highlights: Jinny Bingham’s Ghost, Sister Rosetta, The Death of Dora Hand, The Graveyard of the Outcast Dead, The Hymn of Kassiani.

(Originally published on Instagram – 16 August 2019)