Not generally a fan of the style of aimless, almost monotone approach to vocals such as those on display here. Indeed my first exposure to @fontainesband was via the Glastonbury live stream of their set. It left me confused but compelled throughout.

The DIY spirit of music of Old is reignited with the prevalence of enabling technology and the current political environment is giving rise to the more angry and punk edges of the artform. This is a fantastic thing and something I anticipated and have been waiting for since 2016 with the feeling “well the world’s taken an interesting Right turn, maybe punk music will return!” Sure enough it has.

Fontaines D.C. Live at Glastonbury Festival 2019

The Irish drawl tells its stories and commentary over a relatively solid guitar and drums base. Plenty of space in the sound production rather than a noise wall (unless they want to!) makes it a great place to be if you like punk rock and an almost spoken vocal line.

There is an organic, made-in-the-garage feel to the record that makes you feel at times like THIS IS MUSIC and at others like it needs refinement. But then, isn’t that punk rock at its finest?

Highlights: Television Screens, Liberty Belle, Boys in the Better Land

Album of the Day – 6 August 2019

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