Rarely is such an abrasive sonic mess so compelling and enjoyable.

This album has proven to be divisive among many people. I’m unsure as to why save for the cutting and uncomfortable to popular sensibilities nature of the music presented here. It is nonetheless a hugely enjoyable ride where Black Midi seem not to care one bit about the rules of the game (aside from the standard album length of 43 minutes). Track lengths between 2.20 and 8.08 where low key grooves rub up against sharp and jagged guitar cuts and the vocal could belong to a middle aged German bohemian woman but in fact that incredible sound comes from a young guy from Britain.

This is a noisy and frenetic experience where you can have no idea what is about to hit you but one that fits between rock and punk going for a more avant garde approach. It is one I like and look forward to see where their next efforts take them.

Before then, I hope to run into them at one of their infamous London gigs.

953 live at the Bowery Ballroom

Album of the Day – 9 August 2019

Originally published on Instagram – 9 August 2019