The Cure have largely passed this reviewer by this far in their life. A passing appreciation for what they do and a closer knowledge of the hit singles but that’s about it. No doubt in their headliner credentials but nonetheless watched their set with a cautious interest.

Pioneers of goth rock and clearly a primary influence on shoe-gaze their 2 hour set flew by as the sheer musicianship and song quality on display carried me into the night.

The Cure live at Glastonbury Festival 2019

Watching from home, and it being Sunday night after three to five days of sleepless nights and partying for those in attendance, it was hard to gauge the crowd reaction for most of it. The style of music doesn’t exactly lend to the type of massive singalongs we have seen from the rest of the weekend either.

However, when the hit-single crowd-pleasing quartet of Friday I’m in Love, Close to Me, Why Can’t I Be You and Boys Don’t Cry closed the set, the crowd was in fine voice and appreciative noise. So much so in fact that the normally reserved Robert Smith was struggling not to be overwhelmed by the occasion and the reaction. What a lovely sight – a smiley goth!

25 years since they last headlined. I sincerely hope they drop by sooner rather than later. If for no other reason than to beat Coldplay to five headline shows as tonight made the Cure only the second band to hit four times atop the Pyramid.

(Originally published on Instagram on 2 July 2019)